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What type of cover should I get?
There are three main types of car insurance policy available for you to choose from:

Third-party only

The most basic level of cover, this type of policy will pay out if you damage another person’s vehicle or property but will not cover any repairs you need to make to your own vehicle.

Third Party Fire & Theft

This type of policy will give you basic third-party cover, as well as cover against theft, damage done during attempted theft, and fire damage.

Fully Comprehensive

Fully comprehensive policies offer the highest level of cover available and, depending on the particular policy, will cover you for more or less anything.
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How do I compare car insurance quotes?

To make sure we show you accurate quotes, we’ll need some information from you about your driving history and about the car you’re planning to insure.

Make sure you've got the following details ready when you want to compare:

Personal Details

We’ll need to know a bit about you. This includes things like your age and occupation, as well as details of your driver's license

Vehicle Information

Different cars cost different amounts to insure. Ideally we'd need your number plate but make and model information is enough - along with details of any modifications

Claim history

We'll need details of any accidents you've had or claims you've made in the past five years. Include details of your no claims bonus if you have one

Other drivers

Include details of any other named drivers that will be sharing your policy, as this will affect the prices you're offered

Policy type

We'll of course need to know the type of policy you're after - you can choose from third party, third party fire & theft, and fully comprehensive

Voluntary excess

The higher you set your voluntary excess, the less you'll pay each month, but the more you'll pay in the event of an accident

Tips for getting the cheapest car insurance quotes

Car insurance can get expensive if you're not careful, and prices tend to go up every year. The last thing you want to do is opt for less cover than you need just to get cheaper car insurance, so we've put together a short list of simple things you can do to keep your costs down, no matter what kind of policy you get:

Improved security

The safer your car is, the less risk the insurer is taking when offering you cover. Extra security devices like steering wheel locks will push down your premiums, as will parking off-road, especially in a garage

No claims bonus

One of the best ways to keep your costs down is to maintain a no claims bonus. It can often be worth paying out yourself for small repairs that you might need to make to you car in order to protect your NCB

Reduce your mileage

Driving fewer miles reduces your risk of having an accident, and this will be reflected in the price of the cover you're offered. Make sure you don't go over your estimated mileage though as you could invalidate your policy

Black box

Installing a black box , or telematics device, that records information about your driving (such as speed and mileage) can demonstrate to your insurer that you're a safe driver and they'll reward you with lower premiums

Named Drivers

Adding an experienced named driver to your policy can greatly reduce your policy costs. A spouse or a parent can be a great person to share a policy with if they're willing

Pay annually

According to a survey we conducted, around 50% of people still pay their premiums monthly or quarterly. By paying annually, you can reduce the overall cost quite significantly
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Guides on Comparing Car Insurance

When it comes to car insurance, the more you know, the more likely you are to be able to get the absolute best deals around. We’ve put together some guides packed with useful knowledge to keep you informed.

From helpful tips to cut down the costs of your existing policy, to information about what to do with vehicles that you own but don’t use any more, we’ve got it covered. Here’s a quick selection of some of our most popular guides:

Car Diagram

No Deposit Car Insurance

No deposit car insurance is a term used to refer to policies that you can take out without paying a large amount up front. Generally this means paying for your premiums monthly instead of in one lump sum for the year.

Car Insurance Groups

Different cars are placed into different groups (numberd 1-50) according to things like size and power, with cars in higher groups costing more to insure.

Types of Insurance Policy

As well as the main three types of car insurance (third party; third party, fire, and theft; and fully comprehensive), this guide will cover some of the optional extras you can get like breakdown cover.

Insurance for Younger Drivers

Car insurance is more expensive for drivers under the age of 25. In this guide, we'll explain why, and will cover some top tips to help cut costs no matter how old you are.

No Claims Discounts

One of, if not the most effective way of reducing the cost of your car insurance is to maintain a no claims discount. Find out more in this guide.

Pass Plus

By taking a pass plus test in addition to your standard driving test, you can demonstrate that you are a safe driver, and you're premiums will go down accordingly.
Other Types of Insurance We Offer
Looking for something other than cheap car insurance?

Home Insurance

Get cover for your home and its contents at a great price

Life Insurance

Make sure that your dependents can get by should the worst happen

Van Insurance

If you drive a van you'll want to take out a specialist insurance policy

Motorbike Insurance

Get specialist insurance to cover your motorbike

Vehicle Warranty

Warranties, or breakdown cover, will pay out for any basic repairs you need

Travel Insurance

Make sure you're covered against theft or health problems when you go on holiday

Frequently Asked Questions

Car insurance policies will usually last for one year. However, shorter term policies are available - you can even get cover for just 24 hours if you just need to borrow a car for a day, but typically short term policies like these will be quite expensive.
You need to be insured on a car to be able to drive it. If you want to drive someone else's car you can either take out a short term insurance policy, or get yourself added as a named driver to their policy.
If you have a car that you don't use then you can avoid paying to insure it by taking out a SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification), and keeping it off the road (e.g. in a garage). Unless you do this, you are legally required to insure your vehicle.
Statistically speaking, younger drivers (aged under 25) are more likely to be involved in accidents. With increased risk on the part of the insurer comes and increased financial burden on the part of the driver. Insurance prices dramatically reduce when you turn 25.
The no claims bonus is one of the best ways to reduce the cost of your insurance policy, and so it makes sense to want to protect it. You can take out a specialist policy to insure your no claims bonus, but you should weigh up the expense to make sure it's worth it.

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