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How to Get Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers over 80

As a driver over the age of 80, your several years on the road are likely to work in your favour when it comes to working out the cost of your car insurance, especially if you've made no (or few) claims.

However, insurance can still be a frustrating expense, particularly if your income is limited to a state pension.

With this quick guide we'll show you the best ways to cut costs and get cheap car insurance for those over the age of 80.

Is car insurance cheaper for women over 80?

Until relatively recently, car insurance was cheaper for female drivers due to statistics that showed them to be less at risk of accident than male drivers.

However, legislation introduced by the European Court of Justice as part of a new gender equality directive has now outlawed the practise of basing insurance premiums on the gender of the policy holder.

This means that car insurance costs for female drivers have increased across the board to match up with those that male drivers can expect to pay.

Levels of Cover

There are three basic categories of cover available for drivers over 80:

Third Party Only

Third Party Fire and Theft

Fully Comprehensive

Those intent on spending as little as possible will find third party only cover best, though if you can afford to spend that little bit more and get more cover you will find that you actually get a lot more for you money.

Named Driver Insurance

One great way to cut costs on your insurance if you're over 80 share a car is to become a named driver on the policy. Whoever is the main driver of the vehicle must be down as such on the policy, and not the named driver, but if done correctly and legitimately, named driver insurance can save you lots of money.

Bear in mind that if you are down on the policy as the named driver, but are actually the primary user of the car in question, then you are guilty of what is known as fronting', which is tantamount to insurance fraud and will invalidate any claims you may make.

Pick the Right Car

Your choice of vehicle will have a strong bearing on the price you pay for your insurance. According to guideline set out by the official Group Rating Panel, every car built to UK specifications is placed in one of 50 categories according to things like engine power and size.

The lower the number group, the cheaper the insurance you'll be offered as a driver over 80, broadly speaking.

Watch How You Drive

Insurers like to reward those who drive in the least risky way with reduced premiums. There are two broad aspects to this.

First, reduce your mileage. Spending less time on the road means spending less time at risk of accident and thus the insurance company has less of a chance of having to pay out in the event of a claim. This will be reflected in the price of the policy you're offered.

Second, and with more drastic savings attached, is the possibility of a no claims discount. If you're over 80, then the likelihood is that you've been driving for a long time, giving you plenty of time to build up a no claims discount. If you drive for five years without making a claim you can get discounts of up to 75% on your premiums.

Compare Car Insurance for Over 80s Online

The best way to save money is to shop around online and compare car insurance for older drivers above the age of 80 by using a free and impartial insurance comparison service like ours.

Just let us know what kind of policy you're after and we'll pull up a list of the cheapest car insurance quotes on the market for drivers over the age of 80.

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