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Whether it's a worn clutch or a broken wing mirror, car troubles are a headache. They can be expensive to fix, and being left without your car for any amount of time is a pain.

Our car repair partners at MotorEasy makes the process painless. They can give you a quote for a vehicle repair directly from your computer or device—no need to bring your vehicle into a garage. MotorEasy also works out the rest of the process, from finding a vetted garage near you to negotiating how long the repair will take, all to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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Common car repairs

MotorEasy can give you a quote for car repairs from dents to engine trouble. Here are some of the most common vehicle ailments you might face:

  • Windscreen chips: They may seem minor but even the smallest windscreen chips can become a big problem if it's not repaired. Windscreen chips can obscure your view of the road--that's why they're a common cause of MOT failure. They can also escalate into large cracks that require the complete replacement of your windscreen. In some cases, your car insurance policy will cover glass repair.
  • Worn-out clutch: the clutch is part of the transmission of your vehicle and wears out frequently. According to Professional Motor Mechanic magazine, the average motorist will need to replace the clutch on a vehicle ten times during their driving life. You'll notice your vehicle's clutch is going when you have difficulty shifting gears or the clutch pedal feels spongy or sticky. 
  • Brakes problems: No part of your vehicle is more important to your safety than the brakes. You'll need to get the pads repaired every 10,000 to 20,000 miles or more frequently if you notice squealing or grinding noises or your brake light comes on.
  • Flat battery: Without a working battery your vehicle won't start. But cold weather, leaving the electrical equipment of your car running while the engine is off, overusing your vehicle's electrical supply to power devices like travel DVD players and mini-fridges or just simple use over time can drain the battery, making a replacement necessary.

How much do repairs normally cost?

According to Autocar, the average cost of unexpected repairs on used cars is £603. But this figure varies widely and depends on the following factors:

The repair needed

Typically the cheapest repairs will be the fixing of small windscreen chips: depending on the size of the damage, you can get this done for as little as £50. Similarly, you can usually have your front brake pads replaced for under £100.

But other repairs can be far costlier. If you need to replace the catalytic converter, alternator or fuel injector, expect to spend at least £1,000, if not more.

The make and model of the car

Some models are known money pits, while others are virtually indestructible. We won't name names but you can expect to pay more for repairs if your vehicle has an elaborate onboard computer or an electric engine.

The age and condition of your car

It should come as no surprise that older vehicles are more likely to require major repairs. But even with a new car, if you fail to keep up with basic vehicle maintenance you can see small issues snowball into budget-busting breakdowns.

The garage used

Dealerships usually charge more than local workshops.

Your location 

Labour is at a premium in London, for example.

Insurance and warranty

In the cases of accidents, fires or theft, your car insurance, or the policy of another driver at fault in a collision, will likely pay out to cover some of the cost of repairs.

However, car insurance usually excludes repairs due to mechanical faults and breakdowns. These may be covered by your vehicle's warranty, provided by the manufacturer for the first years of a new car's life but also available for purchase for second hand cars.

24/7 car repairs with MotorEasy

MotorEasy streamlines the car repair process. Here's how it works:

  1. Enter your vehicle's registration number (or make, model and year if you don't have this to hand) on the website
  2. Select the repair you need from a list of common problems. You may also want to provide a detailed description of the problem, to improve the accuracy of the quotes you receive. If you don't know exactly what's amiss (we're not all car experts!) you can indicate that there's something awry with your engine or exhaust, for example, but you're not sure what.
  3. MotorEasy will then provide you with a quote for the work, including parts, labour and VAT. This will be valid provided the diagnosis is correct and your vehicle is in the condition you stated. The quote includes a trade discount that MotorEasy passes on to you.
  4. The work will be done at a garage within a short drive of your home or workplace. You can select whether you want to drop your vehicle in or have it collected and returned.
  5. You then book the date you'd like the work done. MotorEasy will negotiate with the workshop about the time required to ensure you get your vehicle back as soon as possible.
  6. Get back on the road, with all work guaranteed for 12 months.

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