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Whether through theft or damage, losing your possessions is never nice, but with a home insurance policy, you can at least have the peace of mind that what is replaceable can be replaced.

Choose from buildings insurance, contents insurance or combined policies so that you get exactly the kind of cover you need.

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How does home insurance work?

A home insurance policy will cover you for loss of or damage to your home and/or its contents, depending on the type of policy you take out.

You'll get paid out based on a valuation of your building and contents, depending on the extent of the repairs needed (in the case of damage) or the cost of the items that need to be replaced (in the event of theft).

Types of Policy

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance will cover you for loss of or damage to your possessions inside your property, but not the property itself. Typically this will include all of your furniture, electronics, clothes and jewellery - essentially anything that you’d take with you if you moved house.

As such, contents insurance policies are often aimed at renters, since they own the contents of the property, but not the actual building.

You’ll typically be covered for either loss or damage through theft or attempted theft, as well as damage caused by fire or water leaks, though it’s always important to check the small print of your policy and extend your cover as required through additional extras.

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance is aimed at homeowners and will cover you for damage to your property, including structural damage as well as damage to internal fixtures (like your kitchen).

When making a claim on a buildings insurance policy, the insurer will either pay for the repair (or replacement) of the damaged parts of your property, or they will provide you with the cash to do so yourself.

Combined buildings and contents insurance policies are available and will offer the most comprehensive level of cover.