Need broadband for your student home?
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Best broadband for students

Broadband is now essential for students and one of the most important study aids you can have. Having your broadband set up before you move can make your move significantly easier. We take a look at how to choose a broadband package that suits you and your housemates.

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What is student broadband?

It’s important to set up broadband for your student house. There is no such thing as a student-only broadband package, however some deals are geared towards student needs. This means you will need to shop around to find the  for students.

If you are moving into halls of residence then your broadband is likely to be included in your accommodation. Make sure you check this before arranging a broadband package as it could save you time and money.

Some landlords supply broadband as part of bills included rent, however this is quite rare. It’s important to check your contract or with your landlord so that you don’t risk being caught short without an internet connection.

Best broadband for students

Whilst you will not find student specific broadband packages, a quick  search will bring up lots of deals designed with students in mind.

It’s common for a broadband deal to last for 12 or at times 18 months, however many broadband providers offer deals for shorter periods. You will probably only rent your student house for a year, or sometimes even less, so it may be worth trying to find a shorter contract.

A shorter broadband contract means you won’t have to pay for internet when you are not living in the property. This can save you money, but it’s worth remembering that some 12 month contracts come with a discount to reward you for taking out a longer deal!

Before choosing a broadband package, it’s a good idea to add up the total cost of the whole contract and see if you can save you money in the long run.

Broadband deals for students

Some broadband packages are designed with students in mind. Whilst the content you get will be the same, you will usually find these deals have shorter contracts and more flexibility. This can be great for students.

Some broadband providers offer a month-by-month contract. This would mean you can cancel at any point rather than being tied to a long-term contract. Bear in mind that you may end up paying more for that flexibility.

When choosing a broadband deal for your student house it may be tempting to pick the cheapest available package. Opting for  may not be the best decision however, as you want to make sure your internet usage needs are met. There is no point choosing the cheapest broadband if you want to stream television shows!

Choosing broadband for a student house

When choosing a broadband package for your student home it’s important to discuss it fully with your housemates. You will want to know everyone’s internet habits, as well as how much you are all willing to spend on broadband and how you plan to split the bill.

You’ll also want to consider the number of people in your house. If you are moving into a house of three, a lower Mbps will work better than if you are moving into a house of six or more.

If you are moving into a bigger student house and lots of your housemates will be streaming or gaming online, it may be worth considering fibre optic broadband. It’s a more expensive option so you will need to consider how important cost is versus speed and download limits.

Should you choose an entertainment package?

Some broadband packages come with attractive bundles such as free iPads or TV packages. These can look attractive but can be expensive choices. If you are considering a broadband package with a free laptop or tablet, it may be worth adding up the total cost of your contract. You are likely to more than pay for your freebie!

Some bundles offer you both TV and broadband. These entertainment packages are attractive, but be aware they are more expensive too. If you already have accounts with Netflix or Amazon Prime then paying more for a Virgin Media or Sky Broadband deal is unlikely to be cost effective.

How to find student broadband deals

There are so many broadband packages out there that choosing the right one can be a difficult task. The easiest way to make sure you pick the best deal for your needs is to  packages. Money Expert’s comparison tool will help you find the best broadband deals from providers in your area, simply fill in a few details and start comparing quotes for your student broadband.