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Insurance for electric cars

If you’ve chosen to drive an electric or a hybrid car, you can pat yourself on the back – not only are you helping out the environment, but you’re looking at savings on petrol, road tax and car insurance premiums.

We’ll give you the lowdown on electric cars and how you can get the best deal when you come to insure yours

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Electric cars - save money and the environment one mile at a time

Electric or eco cars are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons.

Firstly, as oil steadily runs out, the ability to drive a car and to avoid all of the stress of constantly rising petrol prices becomes increasingly desirable.

Over and above this though, the general trend toward environmentalist thought that is gripping much of the world at the moment is certainly affecting people’s choices in the motoring industry.

This is good news for everyone involved - cheap, environmentally friendly travel is always desirable. As an owner of an electric car, you can save on road tax as well as petrol; with hybrid drivers enjoying cut rates, and purely electric vehicles not paying anything at all.

Can I get cover from any insurance provider?

Since electric cars are relatively new, the insurance industry has a bit of catching up to do before all providers offer cover for electric cars as standard, but that needn’t worry you.

There are insurance companies that specialise in cover for electric cars who will provide conventional cover to all of the levels you may expect, with added focus on issues specific to electric vehicles, like battery leasing and recharging.

There are also plenty of policies available from conventional insurance providers; you will just have to specify your requirements when you apply.

Will my electric car be cheap to insure?

As a general rule, electric cars are less powerful than their gas guzzling equivalents, immediately reducing the amount you’re likely to pay for your insurance.

You will find as well that certain providers will offer cheaper car insurance to drivers of electric vehicles, partly based on the engine power of the vehicles, but also as part of a general drive to build up a green company image, something particularly valuable in this day and age.

Some providers will offer up to 5% off your premiums if you are insuring an electric car, and some will make donations to environmental charities on your behalf. It all depends, and so it is always worth shopping around to make sure that you can take advantage of the discounts and schemes available aimed at promoting the use of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Whatever your requirements, you can be certain that if you use our free and impartial car insurance comparison tool to search through quotes, you’ll get the best deals on the market, so you can rest assured that you’re saving both the environment and your wallet at the same time.

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