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Third Party, Fire and Theft

The minimum level of car insurance you can buy is basic third party cover. This insures you against damage to any third party or their property, so if you hit another car, your policy will pay out to cover their repairs and medical expenses.

The next level up is third party, fire and theft cover. This gives you all of the cover associated with basic third party insurance, but also includes cover against fire damage or theft to your own vehicle.

Do I need third party, fire and theft cover?

Third party, fire and theft (TPFT) cover is the most basic level of insurance policy you can purchase that will insure you against damage to your own vehicle.

This is helpful if you want that little bit of extra cover that plain third party insurances is lacking, but don’t feel the need to fork out for a fully comprehensive policy.

Fully comprehensive insurance plans give more or less total coverage (with specifics varying from provider to provider) including TPFT, as well as any other damage caused to your own car – covering costs for repairs, etc.

TPFT becomes a particularly sensible option if you’re driving a car that is either relatively cheap or relatively straightforward to repair. If you feel confident in your ability to afford and install the correct parts, and to undertake general repairs on your car, then it is worth saving the extra money and going for a TPFT policy, only covering your vehicle against the things that you are unable to fix (i.e. theft or fire damage). That being said, there are things like flood damage against which you would not be covered, so it is always worth thinking these things through.

Is third party, fire and theft insurance always good value?

While this kind of cover is generally relatively cheap in actual terms, you may find that by opting for a higher level of cover (say, fully comprehensive) you actually get more for your money.

This is because drivers who opt for TPFT, and even basic third party policies, are statistically more likely to make claims. This leads insurers to bump up their prices for these kinds of policies, and you may well find that by paying slightly more you can get a more comprehensive policy at much better value.

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