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Taking good care of your tyres is important. A burst tyre can be inconvenient as the best of times and very dangerous at the worst. Some damage, however, is inevitable and when you realise you may have burnt the rubber a bit too much, knowing that your insurance has you covered can be a life saver.

Taking out tyre insurance separately from your usual car insurance policy means that you can make a claim without paying a large amount of excess or jeopardising your no claims bonus. Read our guide to find out whether tyre cover is right for you.

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What is covered with tyre insurance?

In its most basic form, tyre insurance makes sure that if your tyres are damaged, you don't have to fork out to replace them. Exactly what happens to the tyres isn't important and you will be eligible whether you run over a pothole or have them stolen. The difference between policies will generally be how much you can claim and also how many claims you are allowed to make. Cheaper policies tend to offer a lower pay out and claim limit than more expensive ones.

If your tyres are really knackered, they'll need to be fully replaced and this will cost a bit more. But often puncture repair can be done relatively quickly and won't cost as much. Both will be covered by your policy though.

With our partners at MotorEasy, you'll be able to make up to 6 claims a year worth up to £300 each.

MotorEasy's plans also cover winter tyres, which isn't always the case with other providers.

Making a claim on your tyre insurance

Claiming on your tyre insurance policy is similar to claiming on your standard vehicle insurance. If you notice that your tyre is punctured or worn flat, ring your insurance provider, and they'll direct you to an approved repairer. However, unlike making a claim on your standard vehicle insurance, you won't usually need to take down any other driver's details unless there's been an accident involving another vehicle.

How much does tyre insurance cost?

This will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Details about your car, including tyre size and type
  • How long you want the cover to last
  • How much cover you need

Fill in our quote form to find out how much you'd pay for tyre cover for your car from our partners at MotorEasy.

Does tyre insurance cover wear and tear?

The short answer is yes. Assuming that your tyres are not in a sorry state when you take out the policy, you will be able to claim for tyre repairs if you find they are worn out from day to day use. If you're driving a used car, MotorEasy will conduct a free initial inspection to make sure your tyres are up to scratch from the start.

If you are leasing a car, this can help you avoid surprise charges when you return it. Most companies will expect a small amount of wear and tear, but often if they can charge you for any fixes they will, and this includes damage to the tyres.

Making your tyres last longer

Taking good care of your tyres will reduce the impact of general wear and tear. It's important to maintain a good tyre pressure so that your tyres wear out evenly. Over-inflated tyres' tread will wear out more down the middle, and under-inflated tyres will wear out more at the edges. Driving for too long with the wrong pressure will lead to damaged tyres and you'll need to replace them sooner.

It's a good idea to keep a tyre repair or tyre protection kit in your car as well, so that (if you've got the know-how) you can address minor issues in a pinch before you get to a garage or ring your insurer.

Should I get tyre insurance?

The main factor you should be considering is how likely you are to make a claim. Someone driving hundreds of miles every week and using expensive tyres is far more likely to make use of such a policy than someone who only drives to the shop every week or so.

However, since tyre insurance policies can be quite cheap, and tyre damage is quite common, it's not a bad idea for any driver to take it out.

What’s the difference between tyre insurance alloy wheel insurance?

Whereas tyre insurance protects the actual rubber tyres, alloy wheel insurance protects against any structural damage to the wheels. Although both can be available as part of a package, they are distinct policies so it's always checking to make sure you are appropriately covered.

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