Tyre Insurance

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Tyres and wheels can be costly to replace or repair. Whether you have normal, performance or run flat tyres, just a bit of bad luck and they suddenly become a financial pain. Rather than waiting for a hefty bill, tyre insurance can help get you back on the road quickly - for a fraction of the cost.

What is tyre insurance?

Tyres are one of the most important parts of your car and what keep you on the road. Unfortunately, unwanted accidents due to potholes, debris and nails can cause damage that requires immediate attention to get you back on the road.

As you might expect, tyre insurance will pay out to repair or replace your tyres should you damage them during the time of your policy. You can make up to 3 or 6 tyre claims per year, dependent on your policy, which will usually be taken out over a 2-3 year period.

Why take out tyre insurance?

As mentioned, tyres can be damaged even when you're driving carefully. Its important to fix any damage as soon as possible to keep you on the road. Without tyre insurance, repairs and replacements can be very costly, sometimes hundreds of pounds. However, with a tyre insurance policy, you could pay as little as £11 per month for peace of mind whilst driving.

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Last reviewed: 1 July 2024

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