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Business Utilities Comparison

Setting up broadband, energy, and water tariffs for your business premises is a little bit different from setting them up at home. But it needn't be complicated. Read through our guides, and use our comparison services to make sure that you get the best deal on your business utilities.

Business Utilities

We offer a full range of business utilities comparisons services:

Gas & Electricity

Unlike domestic energy plans, business gas and electricity tariffs must be tailored to each individual company. This means that the switching process works a little differently. Use our business gas and electricity comparison service to ensure that you get the best deals possible.


Whether you're a tech company working online, or a shop with PDQ machines and tills that need constant internet access, having a good business broadband connection is essential for most businesses. Compare business broadband tariffs using our free service to find the best deals available.


It's easy to neglect water tariffs, but doing so can be costly. With the non-domestic water market deregulated, there's a decent amount of choice between different service providers. Find out more about how to make sure that you're not overspending on your business water supply.