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Also known as short-term car insurance or temporary car insurance, 1 month car insurance provides an insurance policy for people who only need to use their car for a short period. Read our useful guide to find out more about 1 month car insurance, whether you need it and how much it could cost you.

In This Guide:

What is 1 month car insurance?

1 month car insurance is a policy that includes fully comprehensive cover for your vehicle for anywhere from one hour to 28 days. It is a policy created as an alternative to a 12-month policy, as a short-term insurance solution for those who don’t want to be insured for a whole year.

1 month car insurance provides a flexible cover option for people who may need insurance at short notice or for a short period of time, such as in an emergency, for a holiday or a weekend away.

For more information on short-term car insurance and how it works you can read our full guide here.

Do I need 1 month car insurance?

There are a number of potential reasons why you might need 1 month car insurance rather than a standard insurance policy. Here are a few situations in which a 1 month car insurance policy would the most suitable option for cover:

  • Borrowing a car – if you need to borrow a friend or family member's car, and their insurance policy doesn’t cover you. Young drivers also may not own a car yet and so can use short-term insurance if they want to use it during school or university holidays.
  • Lending out your car – if you want to lend your car to a friend or family member for less than 28 days.
  • Driveaway insurance – if you want to test a car before you buy it, or you’ve just bought a car and haven’t figured out a longer-term insurance plan yet.
  • Car without insurance – if you own a car that you rarely use, you can use 1 month insurance to cover you when you decide to go for a drive.
  • Emergency cover – if you need immediate access to a car in an emergency situation then you can get cover for as little as an hour.

How much does 1 month car insurance cost?

Short-term cover is usually more expensive per day than annual car insurance, but if you rarely use your car then you will spend less using 1 month car insurance than you would on  an annual policy. For quick and easy short-term insurance, a 1 month policy is a more suitable option than annual policies.


How do I get cheaper 1 month car insurance?

Here are a few useful tips to help you find a cheaper insurance policy for your 1 month car insurance:

  • Shop around – make sure that you compare plenty of different quotes from different insurance providers. This way you will increase your chances of finding a good quote.
  • Black box – telematics insurance policies provide fairer prices by monitoring how you drive through a device fitted to your vehicle.
  • Advanced learning – you can improve your driving skills after you pass your driving test by paying for specialised driving courses, such as the government’s Pass Plus scheme. Insurers may see you as a lower risk driver if you can provide evidence of completing an advanced driving course, reducing the cost of your insurance policy.
  • Voluntary excess – when you claim on insurance, the first part of the claim is paid by you. By increasing this excess, you can decrease your premium. However, make sure that you can afford the amount of excess you choose.
  • Security – the more securely you keep your car, the lower your insurance policy is likely to cost. For example, if you keep your car in a locked, private garage then it will be safer than if it is parked on a public road.


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