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Equity Release Mortgages

If you are over 55 and own your own home, an Equity Release mortgage could help in the form of a tax-free cash lump sum or an income for life, which you can spend on whatever you like.

Have you equity available in your property that you'd like to access? Are you retired and need to secure a higher retirement income from the equity that has built up in your home over the years? An equity release mortgage is a great way of getting access to cash against the value of your property. Where do you start searching for equity release mortgages with so many options and providers out there? That's where MoneyExpert comes in. We provide free quotes in minutes, with no obligation to purchase just competitive equity release mortgage quotes to suit your requirements and circumstances.

Make the most of your new found freedom with an equity release mortgage today. We search the equity release mortgage market in minutes of you completing our online application. Our trusted and independent whole of market mortgage business partners will contact you to check all your details and once they know your individual circumstances they can find the best equity release mortgages for you. They provide free advice and quotes and there is no obligation to purchase. You have nothing to lose by applying today. We are free, quick and simple to use and carry out no credit checks when searching the equity release mortgage market.

Has equity built up in your home over the years? Have you retired and now want to enjoy life with a higher retirement income? Obtain a cash lump sum with an equity release mortgage and live life to the full. An equity release mortgage allows access to a percentage of the capital in your home and there are 2 main forms of equity release: home income plan or home reversion.

With a home reversion scheme you sell a percentage of your home to a home reversion company. In return for the ownership of part/or a percentage of your home, the home reversion company will provide a lump sum. Different lenders will offer different equity release percentages. You can continue to live in your property and upon your death the house will be sold and finance to the value of the percentage sold will be returned to the lender.

Finally there is a home income plan which provides the equity release as a regular income and is similar to the other schemes already mentioned.

We will introduce you to a qualified broker who will explain the schemes, discuss your requirements and circumstances and then search the market to find you an equity release solution to meet your needs. MoneyExpert helps by providing fast, free information and quotes, without obligation to purchase. Complete the easy and quick online application and be one step close to an equity release solution to meet your circumstances.

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