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For such an important product, travel insurance is often all too easy to overlook. As with most kinds of insurance, you always hope to not need it, but on the off chance that you do fall ill or injure yourself on your travels, you could find yourself facing huge bills if you don't have adequate cover.

Travel insurance is for more than just medical bills though - the right policy will also pay out if your flight is delayed, or if your baggage goes missing, for example.

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What does travel insurance cover?

Arguably the most important thing you'll need travel insurance for is to cover you should you fall ill or injure yourself while abroad. Medical treatment can be very expensive in other countries, as can travel in ambulances should you need to be transported to a hospital from far away. Travel insurance policies will typically cover you for a huge amount of expenditure on medical bills for a relatively low up front cost.

It's not just for medical bills though. Many policies will also cover you for:

  • check Loss of luggage or possessions
  • check Flight cancellation or delays
  • check Personal liability (if you injure someone else)
  • check And more...
With Just Travel, you can pick the level of cover you want, so that you get exactly what you need, no more and no less.
Travel Insurance
Pre-existing conditions
Pre-Existing Conditions

Often, travel insurance providers will refuse to cover you for treatment related to any pre-existing medical conditions. This includes anything that you've had treatment for in the past.

Just Travel are different. They have a large panel of specialist insurers so that they can get you a tailored policy that gives you exactly the kind of cover you need, regardless of your medical history.

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