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Wide Range of Providers

Wide Range of Providers

Private Rooms & Quality Care

Private Rooms & Quality Care

Faster Access to Healthcare

Faster Access to Healthcare

Referals to Specialist, Testing & Treatments

Referals to Specialist, Testing & Treatments

Comparing Health Insurance Policies Online

Health Insurance, also known as Private Medical Insurance, or PMI, covers the private treatment cost of treatable illnesses and injuries.

With Private Medical Insurance you avoid long NHS queues and get to choose your own hospital and consultant, where you will receive top treatment from the comfort of your own en-suite hospital room.

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Why take out health insurance?
Avoid Queues

One of the major benefits of private healthcare is that you'll be able to avoid lengthy NHS waiting lists when you do need treatment

Choose Your Hospital

You'll get to choose to be treated at your preferred hospital, and to be seen by your preferred constultant.

Hospital bed
Get Your Own Space

If you do have to staty in hospital overnight, you'll have a nice, clean room all to yourself to stay in.

How does health insurance work?

With private health insurance, you'll enjoy high quality and dedicated medical care and treatment in the event of certain injuries, illnesses or diseases.

The exact level of cover you receive (i.e. what kinds of conditions and treatment will be covered) will depend in part on the policy you take out. Just with any other kind of insurance, you can opt for comprehensive or more limited policies.

You may, for example, be happy leaving treatment for certain issues with the NHS, but want PMI to cover you for certain other potential health problems.

Remember: it is very important to provide details of any existing medical conditions and ensure your "demands and needs" agreed with your advisor are completed accurately as this could impact on future claims.


What won't my private health insurance policy cover?

Private health insurance plans are typically designed to cover treatment for short term, or 'acute', illnesses, diseases or injuries. They will often exclude you from cover for pre-existing conditions, as well as certain other things, including:

  • check GP visits
  • checkDental treatment
  • check Drug abuse
  • check HIV/AIDS
  • check Organ transplants
  • check Sex changes
  • check Injuries from ‘hazardous pursuits’ including ‘war risks’ and (deliberately) self-inflicted injuries

For a full list of exclusions, click here.

Health Insurance Optional Extras
As well as choosing the extent of your basic cover, when you take out a private medical insurance policy, you'll be able to pick various optional extras. There are also alternative forms of insurance like critical illness cover that may better suit your purposes.
Optional Extras

Types of optional added cover available include, but are not limited to:

Home Nursing

This would cover you for any treatment you might need at home after being discharged from the hospital.

Cancer Cover

This would cover you for cancer treatment, sometimes including the option to undergo treatments not usually used by the NHS. Many policies include cancer cover as standard.

Dental Care

This would cover you for any dental treatment, as well as regular check ups.

For a fuller list of the various optional extras available, click here, or get in touch with your insurer.
Alternative Cover

Alternatives to PMI that might be better suited to your needs include:

Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover is a form of insurance that pays out in the event that you fall ill with one of a list of conditions that prevents you from being able to work and continue to earn. The main difference between this and conventional PMI being that it is not designed to actually pay for your treatment. Critical illness cover is often sold alongside PMI policies.

Income Protection Insurance

Similarly, income protection insurance is designed to pay out if you find yourself unable to work for a period of time. IPI can come in both long term and short term forms, varying according to the amount of time that they will pay out for.

Last reviewed: 1 June 2024

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