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Best broadband for businesses

If you run a business you’ll likely find that a reliable and fast broadband connection is essential to keep it running smoothly. Business broadband is designed so you can reach a global market from the comfort of your office or home. So you will need a business broadband package to get access to the best features. We take a look at all you need to know about broadband for your business.

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Business broadband

If you take contactless payments, trade online or use email for your business, then a reliable and efficient broadband connection is vital.

Business broadband may be more expensive than home broadband but you will be paying for extra features which help you run your business online. A business broadband package will provide you with faster upload speeds, better security and prioritised customer support for when things go wrong.

How is business broadband different to home broadband?

Business broadband packages give you access to lots of extra features which make running your business an easier and smoother experience. With a broadband package for business you will get:

  • Prioritised customer support. Your business broadband package will include priority access to a 24 hour helpline, getting you to the front of the queue and preventing serious interruptions to your online business.
  • Faster broadband. Your upload speeds will be faster than a usual home broadband service, plus your bandwidth will be better at peak times.
  • Greater security features. Business broadband packages include anti-virus software, firewalls and spyware protection to help protect your company and your customers.
  • Static IP address. If you want to host a website or have email addresses with your domain name then a Static IP address is crucial.
  • Guaranteed service. If you choose a broadband deal with an SLA (Service Level Agreement) then you will be guaranteed specific services for fixing any problems and compensation if these are not met.

Best broadband for my business

Choosing the  for your business can seem daunting but it’s an important step. Consider which features are most important for the smooth running of your business.

You may also want to look out for features such as Business Voice or VoIP (a business line for incoming and outgoing calls), site creation to help you set up a website for your business, or extranet which provides employees with a secure place to share and store information.  

The size of your office and number of employees will also impact your decision. Having a strong wireless connection all over your office is key. If you run a smaller office with 10 or fewer workers then one router may be enough, but for a larger office or more workers then you might want multiple access points.

Comparing business broadband packages is the best way to get what you need for your business.

Best business broadband for working from home

If you run your business from home then a cheaper home broadband package may be enough. You’ll need to make sure your connection is fast enough for your work and you may also want additional security features.

There may be some features of business broadband which make it a worthwhile investment even if you do work from home. Priority Network Access (PNA) may be essential for keeping your connection strong during peak times as you may find home broadband too slow for business use, especially if you live in a rural area.  

Which providers offer business broadband?

Many UK providers offer broadband packages designed specifically for businesses. Most of the big broadband companies will have a business package, including BT, Virgin, TalkTalk and Plusnet. Some offer speeds of up to 152Mbps.

There are also providers specialising in business broadband, look out for bOnline, XLN, Onebill and Toople when you compare business broadband.

It’s best not to choose a broadband provider on price alone.  may be attractive, but the contract length, upload speeds and security features may not suit your business needs.

Business broadband deals

When deciding which business broadband package to purchase, firstly consider exactly what it is your business needs and how much you can afford to pay for it.

There are many business broadband deals available for you to choose from and it’s always best to compare deals from different providers so you get the best deal to suit your budget and needs. Use our comparison tool to find the best broadband deals for your business.