Notice Savings Account

Take control of your savings and earn more interest!


Money Expert has partnered with Akoni to help you easily manage your cash on one savings dashboard with easy and fast access to rates from highly rated banks. Akoni help savers manage the return on their cash deposits, quickly, easily and securely. Akoni do this by providing easy access to a range of savings accounts via their banking partners. One simple application is needed for savers to take full control of their savings.

Akoni provide their customers with:
  • A personal savings dashboard, allowing the planning of your cash needs over time.
  • Simple tools to help find the savings products that suit your needs.
  • The Akoni panel’s best rates, filtered according to your deposit amount, preferred maturity term and Fitch Solutions Financial Implied Credit Score.

Notice Savings accounts

Balancing better returns against access to your savings

If you’ve got an easy access savings account, you can get to your money whenever you want. However, interest on easy access accounts tends to be pretty low. In fact, you’re often better off with a simple current account, depending on how much you want to save. If you open a notice account, then you’ll need to give your bank a certain amount of notice before withdrawing any cash. If you’re willing to sacrifice immediate access to your money, you’ll generally be rewarded with higher returns.

Notice periods

The length of the notice period you’re required to give can be quite long - up to 180 days in many cases, and rarely below 90 days. Make sure that you only put away what you can afford to keep out of reach for that long. If you’re confident that you won’t need to access your money at all, then you’ll get even better returns on a fixed rate bond.

Alternative savings options

As a general rule, the longer you lock your money away for, and the more you reduce your access to it, the better your returns will be. If you’ve got a lump sum you’re happy to lock away for a while, a fixed-rate bond will offer you a simple, low-maintenance option with reasonably good interest. Remember though: you can’t top up the balance of a fixed rate bond. If you want a good savings account that you can drip feed, consider a cash ISA.

Last reviewed: 1 June 2024

Next review: 1 July 2024