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Convicted driver insurance

A driver with a criminal conviction of any kind, driving or otherwise, will find it harder to find cheap car insurance than someone with a ‘clean’ record. Indeed some insurers stay away from anyone with convictions, no matter how minor, and will refuse cover altogether.

But this doesn’t mean you should give up hope, there will be plenty of insurance companies who will provide cover, and we’ll help you work out how to pick the cheapest and best deals from the ones that do.

In This Guide:

Declaring your convictions

If you have any unspent convictions, it is imperative that you declare them to your insurance provider when looking for a quote as failure to do so may well invalidate your policy and the company will not pay out in the event of a claim.

Criminal convictions become spent after a certain amount of time depending on the nature and length of the sentence.

If you’re conviction resulted in community service, your conviction will be spent after five years. If it’s a prison sentence of up to six months, you’ll have seven years before you don’t have to declare it to your insurer. Up to two and a half years in prison will mean your conviction isn’t spent until after ten years and any sentence longer than this results in a conviction that will, unfortunately, never be spent.

How can I find insurance as a convicted driver?

Some insurers will flat out refuse anyone with any kind of conviction, and some will refuse those with convictions related to driving, but will offer cover to those with convicted for, say, shoplifting.

Even if your conviction is related to a driving offense, you will still be able to get cover, even if it is harder to find and potentially more expensive.

If you’re having trouble finding cover, you can always seek out car insurance companies that specialise in offering cover to convicted drivers, though these providers will generally charge over the odds.

Even if you have to go through one of these specialist convicted driver insurance providers, there are still steps you can take to reduce the costs of your policy, which we’ll go through in this guide.

What if I'm refused cover?

There is an organised, UNLOCK (also known as the National Association of Reformed Offenders) who are devoted to, amongst other things, helping those with criminal convictions find insurance after they’ve been refused by all of the providers they’ve contacted.

UNLOCK provide a list of brokers specialised in helping convicted drivers find insurance providers who’ll offer them cover. You should always shop around though, even with offers from UNLOCK’s affiliated brokers, to make sure that you get the best deals available on insurance for convicted drivers.

How can I get a deal as a convicted driver?

If you’re conviction isn’t driving related, then there’s a chance that you’ve had the opportunity to build up a no claims discount, in which case you could save up to 75% on your premiums, which could go quite a long way to negating the inflation on prices that your conviction has caused.

Other ways to save include choosing the right vehicle in the first place. As a general rule, smaller cars with smaller engines cost less to insure as they fall in one of the lower of the 50 groups as set out by the official Group Rating Panel.

But by far the easiest way to save on your insurance as a convicted driver is to compare quotes online. Our easy to use comparison service will help you find the best deals on the market for convicted drivers so you can rest assured that you’ll get cover at a decent price.

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