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Save up to £283* on your car insurance

Save up to £283* on your car insurance

Recommended by 92% of users!**

Recommended by 92% of users!**

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Compare deals from over 100 providers***

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These days, more and more people are looking further afield and importing cars from abroad.

While this opens up a lot of options, it can also bring extra costs. We'll go over what's involved when taking out insurance for an imported car, so that you avoid paying any more than you need to.

Will the type of car I import affect my insurance?

Cars imported into the UK fall into one of two categories: 'grey' imports and 'parallel' imports.

Grey imports are built outside of the EU and so do not have to conform to European build standards and regulations. Such cars will, before an insurer agrees to cover them, have to pass a Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) test, as with a kit car. This test costs around £200 and is required in order to make a grey import road legal in the UK.

Grey imports, particularly those from Japan, will often exceed their European counterparts when it comes to power and the performance of electronic systems for example.

Both this, and the fact that the sourcing of parts for repairs will naturally be harder than for a car bought domestically, mean that insuring a grey import will generally mean somewhat inflated costs. But while relatively higher costs will be unavoidable, you don't need to pay totally extortionate prices - good value, cheap car insurance is possible to obtain.

Parallel imports are those built and bought within the EU. They of course will conform to EU regulations and standards as cars built in the UK. They will therefore be easier or cheaper to insure than grey imports, as a general rule.

Will insuring an imported car cost more than one bought domestically?

In general yes, imported insurance tends to cost more than conventional or domestically bought insurance, in particular with grey imports.

Grey imports tend to be more powerful than EU regulations would permit and may be left-hand drive for example. All of these things can, and often do, affect the cost of the premiums offered by insurance companies.

What's the best way to get cheap insurance for an import car?

Insuring a hugely powerful, tuned-up, Japanese imported car will always cost more than a small hatchback bought in the UK, but that doesn't mean you have to be swindled.

Simple things like keeping your car in a garage overnight rather than on the street will improve security and thus reduce your premiums.

Building up a decent no claims discount over time will also help.

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