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This policy explains how ME Expert Limited uses cookies on our websites and mobile app ("Our Sites") and how you can control them.

We show visitors to our website users a cookie notice when they enter our website for the first time. When you agree with this notice, you give your consent that this Cookie Policy will apply. We reserve the right to vary this Cookie Policy from time to time and such changes shall become effective as soon as they are posted. Your continued use of Our Sites constitutes your agreement to all such changes.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer (or other device such as mobile or tablet) by your browser from websites that you visit. They’re used for many things, such as allowing us to remember you and distinguish you from other users. This helps us to provide you with a good user experience and improve our website by monitoring how people use it.

A cookie will typically store information about your visit to a website. Our cookie will never include any of your personal information, for example they don’t store your name or email address. They do however enable us to recognise your visit, remember your preferences and understand how you interact with our website.

All cookies have an owner. The owner is the domain or website that places the cookies on your device. When you visit Our Sites, cookies may be placed on your device by Us and also by other domains or websites, which are known as third party cookies.

Cookie settings

You can delete cookies from your device by using your browser. However, please be aware that if you delete any cookies, settings previously made for our website will be lost and it may negatively affect your browsing experience.

How to delete cookies

The ‘help’ area of your browser should have information on how to do this. For more information, see the links below:

Internet Explorer:

Mozilla Firefox:



Our cookies

We store general information about your visit but we do not store your personal information.

The types of cookie that may be used during your visit to Our Sites are:

About Third party cookies

ME Expert Limited works with a number of partners to supply its services. If you go through any of our journeys to a 3rd party partner website, they may use cookies to track your session.

We are not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of these websites. You should check the relevant third party website for more information about these, including their own privacy and cookie policies.

Some of these partners are listed below:

- Monevo -


On some pages we have embedded ‘share’ buttons to enable users of the site to easily share articles through a number of popular social networks. These sites may set a cookie when you are also logged in to their service. Money Expert does not control the dissemination of these cookies and you should check the relevant third party website for more information about these.

More information

The Information Commissioner's Office Cookie guide can be found on the ICO website at

Last Updated: 21.01.2021