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What is Ford?

An American institution for more than a century, Ford is also the UKs perennial top-selling car manufacturer. Few streets wont have a Focus or Fiesta parked on them.

Henry Ford founded his namesake company in 1903, just on the cusp of the automobile revolution, and pioneered mass production on assembly lines - now dubbed Fordism. Mechanised production allowed Ford to produce the first affordable car: the iconic Model T. Todays Ford range has little in common with the Model T but it does have a vehicle for every driver and price point, from the ubiquitous Fiesta to the sporty Mustang, now electrified.  

Popular Ford Models

  • Ford Fiesta: The UKs most popular vehicle in 2020 and for years before, the Ford Fiesta rules Britains roads, with no-fuss design and a reputation for being more fun to drive than any small hatchback has a right to be. Its also cheap to insure, with insurance groups between 2 and 16 (out of 50), depending on the model. Average insurance costs for a 30-year-old driver range between £575 and £800.
  • Ford Focus: The UKs second-most popular vehicle in 2020, the Ford Focus is bigger than the Fiesta, ideal for families that want to avoid a petrol-guzzling SUV but with enough room in the interior and boot for all their long limbs, gear and luggage. Its insurance group ranges from 11 to 23, and averages 15, depending on the model. Average insurance costs for a 30-year-old driver run from £700 to £950.
  • Ford Ka: The Ford Ka is a small and nimble model designed as a low-cost city vehicle. While new Ka models are no longer in production, it remains a popular vehicle on the second hand market, particularly among younger drivers.
  • Ford Puma: The Ford Puma is a 'mild hybrid', a compact SUV that uses Ford's EcoBoost engine (a petrol engine with a small electric motor complementing it). That's the new (post-2019) Puma anyway, Ford previously did a range of coupés (pre-2000s) also called the Puma.

How to Get Cheaper Ford Car Insurance

You dont want to pay a penny more to insure your Ford than you have to. Heres how to reduce your costs and find cheap Ford insurance:

  • Drive less: Fords are famously fun to drive, with even sensible family cars like the Focus offering some vroom vroom. But the lower your mileage, the less likely you are to be involved in a wreck and to claim on your insurance for it. Therefore the more your vehicle stays in the garage, the less youll pay for Ford car insurance.
  • Boost your security: The Fiesta includes a perimeter alarm as standard, but if you supplement it with an immobiliser and GPS tracker you might earn a discount on your Ford insurance.
  • Telematics: Youre a very safe driver of your Ford Mustang, you swear. And you can prove it to your insurer by taking a black box on board. The black box will record your driving behaviour. Your telematics policy will reward you with lower premiums if youre found to accelerate slowly, brake smoothly, take corners with care and stay off the roads at night.
  • Add a named driver: Younger, less experienced drivers pay the most for car insurance. But they can reduce these costs by adding an experienced named driver to their policy. This is a driver who may occasionally operate your car.

Compare Ford Insurance

Comparing car insurance for your Ford with Money Expert is easy. Youll just need to give us a few details, including:

  • The make and model of your Ford and when you bought it
  • How much you drive and where you store your Ford when it's not in use
  • Information about you, including your age and address, and about any other drivers you'll be adding to the policy
  • Information about the type of cover you want (for example comprehensive) and any extra cover which is indispensable to you

Well then return dozens of quotes for your Ford from car insurers across the market. Sort through your options and when youve found the best Ford insurance for the best price, click through to complete your purchase.

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