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Ford Ka

Compare insurance policies for your Ford Ka

The Ford Ka came on to the scene in 1996 as a more affordable alternative to Ford’s popular Fiesta model. The Ka gave new and single drivers a cost-effective and cheaper option, and soon became the best-selling model in the city car sector.

Although the aesthetics of the original Ka design weren’t to everyone’s liking, the second generation looks considerably more appealing to city drivers who are seeking a style of car that is easy to manoeuvre and cheap to run.

The newer (post-2008) Ka is perfect for those looking to cut costs, as both the 1.2l and 1.3l versions of the car are cheap to tax due to low CO2 emissions, and can achieve over 65mpg. 

However, bear in mind that the Ford Ka is no longer in production, so you will have to pick up a second-hand model that may have dated specs by today’s modern standards. 

Ford Ka insurance group 

Each car available on the market today is assigned an insurance group number between 1 and 50. This number helps drivers gauge how much it will cost to insure any particular car - as insurers charge higher premiums for cars in higher group numbers, and lower premiums for cars in lower group numbers. 

The Ford Ka falls into insurance groups 1 to 10, making it one of the cheapest cars to insure (relatively speaking). In fact, most Ka models fall into groups 1-5, with only a few larger models in groups 6 and 10. 

How much does it cost to insure a Ford Ka?

Here are some representative examples of the potential cost for insurance your Ford Ka, depending on your profile as a driver:

Driver type Potential annual insurance cost
Aged 18-25; 1 year NCB* From £431**
Aged 25+; 5+ year NCB* From £205**

*Both controlled for the following criteria: full UK license, employed, no convictions, no health issues, voluntary excess £250, mileage 10k.

**Please note that the estimated premium prices provided above are not guaranteed prices and are based on November 2020 data received from our insurance partner There are various other factors/risks that will impact the cost of your insurance policy including (but not limited to): engine size/type, Postcode and the type/level of cover you require. Your actual premium will be dependent on your individual circumstances.

Ford Ka models 

The Ford Ka is available in the following models: 

  • Ford Ka Studio
  • Ford Ka Edge
  • Ford Ka Zetec
  • Ford Ka Titanium
  • Ford Ka Grand Prix II
  • Ford Ka Metal Ka

How safe is the Ford Ka?

The Ford Ka was tested back in 2008 by Euro NCAP so its safety ratings are given using the older system. The Ka achieved a 4/5 rating for adult safety, 3/5 rating for child safety, and 2/4 rating for pedestrian safety.

As the Ford Ka is no longer in production, the safety technology it comes with is somewhat basic and limited, although still effective. It comes with airbags and ABS with traction control.

How to get cheap Ford Ka insurance 

The Ford Ka is already a fairly cheap car to insure owing to its small engine size and low CO2 emissions. However, it is still possible to make some savings on your annual insurance policy if you shop around for the best deal. 

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