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Compare insurance policies for your Ford Fiesta

As the UK’s best-selling vehicle, the Ford Fiesta really needs no introduction. This accolade hasn’t been achieved without merit - not only is it one of the most popular compact cars, it is also one of the best. 

The Ford Fiesta is a brilliant car to drive, comes with an economical engine that lowers running costs, and is very attractively priced for its section of the market.

Fending off exceptionally good competition from the likes of the Volkswagen Polo and Seat Ibiza, the Fiesta really is a car worth considering if you’re in the market for something small and mighty.

Ford Fiesta insurance group 

The insurance group that your car falls into impacts what you’ll pay for your insurance policy. Granted, your age and location are weighted much higher by insurers, but it is still worth considering the insurance group that your Ford Fiesta will fall into before you take the plunge. 

The Ford Fiesta is actually relatively cheap to insure, falling into insurance groups 2-16 (depending on the particular variant that you opt for).

How much does it cost to insure a Ford Fiesta?

The price of premiums on an insurance policy for a Ford Fiesta will vary not only on the particular model you choose, but also on your profile as a driver. Here are some examples of what you could pay to insure yours:

Driver type Potential annual insurance cost
Aged 18-25; 1 year NCB* From £428**
Aged 25+; 5+ year NCB* From £125**

*Both controlled for the following criteria: full UK license, employed, no convictions, no health issues, voluntary excess £250, mileage 10k.

**Please note that the estimated premium prices provided above are not guaranteed prices and are based on November 2020 data received from our insurance partner There are various other factors/risks that will impact the cost of your insurance policy including (but not limited to): engine size/type, Postcode and the type/level of cover you require. Your actual premium will be dependent on your individual circumstances.


Ford Fiesta models

There have been several models and variants since the Ford Fiesta first hit the roads in 1976, but these are the ones currently being sold directly by Ford:

  • Trend
  • Titanium
  • Titanium X
  • ST-Line Edition
  • ST-Line X Edition
  • Active Edition
  • Active X Edition
  • Vignale Edition
  • ST-2
  • ST-3

Ford Fiesta EcoBoost

The environmentally-conscious among us can opt for a Ford Fiesta with its award-winning EcoBoost technology.

You can enjoy the performance of a mild hybrid car (mHEV) with outstanding power and efficiency from the 1.5-litre EcoBoost petrol engine.

The EcoBoost system minimises emissions, and gives the engine extra power when it is required, and the hybrid battery recharges as you drive thanks to its self-charging technology. 

Available in 120 PS and 150 PS variants, you can receive all the benefits of a conventional 1.5-litre engine, but with lower CO2 emissions and superior fuel economy. 

Repairs: is it cheap to get Ford Fiesta parts?

Generally speaking, the more expensive a car is, the more it will cost for parts and labour to get it fixed. The Ford Fiesta is a relatively cheap car and has been designed to spend as little time in the garage as possible when being repaired. 

The Fiesta is exceptionally popular too, meaning that getting your hands-on parts for repairs will be comparatively easy and cheap.

How to get cheap Ford Fiesta insurance

When buying a car that’s such good value for money it’s only natural that you’d want to get your money’s worth from your insurance policy too. Luckily, finding a cheap car insurance policy for your Ford Fiesta couldn’t be easier with our comparison tool.

Just fill in the details about your Fiesta and a few details about yourself, and we’ll find the best deals available that suit all your requirements. It only takes a matter of minutes, and could save you hundreds of pounds.

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