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Compare insurance policies for your Ford Focus

Ford Focus

Compare insurance policies for your Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has always been a popular choice in the family hatchback sector of the market. The latest 2018 Ford Focus follows from its predecessors, with a comfortable and engaging driving experience that has some serious overall polish. 

The Ford Focus is also consistently strong across the board, making it a very good all-round motor, so if you’re looking for a family hatchback, the Ford Focus has to be on your shortlist. 

Ford Focus insurance group 

In the UK, all cars are given an insurance group number (from 1 to 50) which helps determine the cost of insurance for that particular car. Cars in lower number insurance groups cost less to insure, and cars in the higher number groups are more expensive to insure. 

There’s quite a lot of variance in the cost of insurance for a Ford Focus, and this is primarily due to the fact that the various Focus models fall into a wide range of insurance groups (from 7 to 41). 

How much does it cost to insure a Ford Focus?

The price of premiums for your Ford Focus will vary depending on the model you choose and your profile as a driver. We've worked out some examples of what you could pay, based on two driver demographics:

Driver type Potential annual insurance cost
Aged 18-25; 1 year NCB* From £490**
Aged 25+; 5+ year NCB* From £133**

*Both controlled for the following criteria: full UK license, employed, no convictions, no health issues, voluntary excess £250, mileage 10k.

**Please note that the estimated premium prices provided above are not guaranteed prices and are based on November 2020 data received from our insurance partner There are various other factors/risks that will impact the cost of your insurance policy including (but not limited to): engine size/type, Postcode and the type/level of cover you require. Your actual premium will be dependent on your individual circumstances.

Ford Focus models

The Ford Focus comes in a wide range of models brand new from Ford. Currently, the models being sold are:

  • Focus Zetec Edition
  • Focus Titanium Edition
  • Focus Titanium X Edition
  • Focus ST-Line Edition
  • Focus ST-Line X Edition
  • Focus Active Edition
  • Focus Active X Edition
  • Focus Active X Vignale Edition
  • Focus Vignale
  • Focus ST 

Ford Focus EcoBoost 

First produced in 2009, Ford’s EcoBoost engines deliver superior torque and horsepower combined with greater fuel efficiency. EcoBoost engines now power a wide range of Ford vehicles, coming in different sizes from 1.0liters to 3.5liters. 

EcoBoost engines use direct injection and turbocharging to provide greater power and efficiency. They force more air into an engine with turbocharging, thus increasing power without changing the size of the engine, and efficiency is improved by direct injection which eliminates the intact tract part of the fuel injection process. 

Can I get a Ford Focus automatic? 

The Ford Focus does come with an automatic gearbox on some models, however if you’re looking to buy a second-hand Ford Focus you’ll have a narrower selection to choose from as only 1 in 9 cars currently being sold second-hand are automatic versions. 

Is the Ford Focus cheap to run? 

Over a three-year period, the Ford Focus costs about as much as a SEAT Leon to run. This includes factors such as price, resale value, and efficiency.

If you’re looking for resale value, then the Volkswagen Golf may be better suited. The Golf is more expensive to buy initially, but has much higher resale value than the Ford Focus, so it can easily make up for the difference. 

How to get cheap Ford Focus insurance 

Cheap Ford Focus insurance can be yours within minutes if you use our price comparison search engine. All you need to do is tell us what car you have and the kind of policy you need, and we’ll scour the best deals from all the top insurers to find you the cheapest policy.

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