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Car key cover

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Last updated: 31/08/2021 | Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

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What is car key cover?

Key cover or car key insurance is an add-on for your car insurance policy which covers the cost of replacing your keys in the event they’re lost or stolen.

Long gone are the days where car keys were just metal – they’re now sophisticated pieces of technology, and as such can be very expensive to repair or replace.

Not only that, getting a new set can take time, meaning unless you have a spare, you’ll be left unable to drive your vehicle.

Car key cover protects you against this, and claiming won’t affect your no claims bonus.

However, it’s worth noting that some car insurance policies include key cover as standard, or at least a degree of cover, so check your policy documents first.

What is included in car key cover?

Typically, key cover includes the cost of replacement keys, as well as repairing, reprogramming or replacing the lock. You’ll also be covered for any locksmith or manufacturer fees incurred, as well as the cost of fixing immobilisers, alarms and other security features.

On top of this, some policies will pay for any transport costs while you’re waiting for your replacement keys, or will even offer you a courtesy car in the interim. This is because some car keys are incredibly sophisticated and take time to replace.

That being said, each car insurer will have their own qualifying criteria, with some inevitably offering more extensive cover than others, so always read the fine print.

How much does car key cover cost?

Prices will vary among insurers, but typically car key cover costs an additional £20-£30 on top of your policy. Alternatively, it may be included as standard.

Should I get car key cover?

It’s hard not to see the advantages of car key cover. Statistically, around one in six of us lose our car keys each year – it’s one of the items we’re most prone to misplacing.  And with the average cost of replacing a key coming in at £400; car key cover can protect you from huge expenditure in the event they’re lost or stolen.

But critically, don’t double up. If you already have car key cover in your standard policy, there’s no need to take it out as an optional extra. Additionally, consider how advanced your key technology is – if you drive an older vehicle you may find it’s much cheaper to replace your keys if you lose them.

Finally, without key cover, you’ll need to contact a locksmith if you don’t want to claim on your insurance, which can prove costly.

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