Hourly car insurance

Get temporary cover just for when you need it

Get temporary cover just for when you need it

Never pay more than you need to

Never pay more than you need to

Compare quotes from the UK's leading providers

Compare quotes from the UK's leading providers

Compare car insurance quotes by the hour

Get car insurance cover by the hour - perfect for emergencies and unexpected moments.

Whether it’s an emergency or you just need to borrow a car for a day, there are times when you only need car insurance for a few hours.

In This Guide:

How can I apply for hourly car insurance?

When looking for short term car insurance there are a few simple steps you should follow;

  1. Find a provider that works for you and select the length of cover you want
  2. Enter your details, which will include registration and home address as well as some information about the vehicle
  3. Get your quote and if it works, off you go

If you are looking for a bit longer term insurance, maybe insuring your car for a month, this is possible too. For a more comprehensive look at the options available, check out our guide on short term car insurance.

When would I need hourly car insurance?

There are a few different scenarios where you might need day insurance or less, such as;

  • Filling the gap between a lapsed and upcoming policy
  • Helping out a friend or family member on a long drive
  • Taking a driving test
  • Borrowing a van for moving purposes
  • An emergency where you need to drive someone else's car

What kind of cover does hourly insurance offer?

Some insurers who offer hourly cover will have fully comp as standard, while others will let you select from a range of different options. It’s always worth checking with the provider to make sure you know exactly what protection you have.

Will an hourly policy affect my no claims bonus?

One of the great advantages of taking out hourly cover is that it will not have any impact on an existing policy or one you take out in the future. It is a completely standalone product, meaning that should you have to make a claim, your record is left untarnished.

Will I be eligible for hourly car insurance?

Some providers offering hourly cover will have certain stipulations that you won’t find with a more conventional policy. For example; you may need to be a driver for so many months or not have a certain amount of points on your license. While this information should be made available it’s always important to check you are eligible if you're not sure. Should you need to make a claim and it turns out you're ineligible, it could leave you seriously out of pocket.

Last reviewed: 1 June 2024

Next review: 1 July 2024