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Is your contract coming to an end? Save yourself the trouble of browsing each shop or network’s deals individually, and use our free comparison tool to see what’s on offer from all the top networks at once.

Types of phone deals on offer:

pay monthly

Pay Monthly

Choose from a range of the latest phones along with a tailored bundle of texts, minutes and internet allowance for a reasonable monthly cost.

sim only

Sim Only Deals

Already have a handset you can use? If so, a SIM only deal is perfect, giving you only the bundle of texts, minutes and internet allowance that you need.

handset only

Handset Only Deals

If you’ve already got a SIM only contract, or you want to go pay-as-you-go, then you can compare prices for all of the latest handsets on their own.

Compare Tariffs From All The Top Network Providers

Mobile network providers are always competing with other to try and tempt in new customers. This means that new, cheaper deals come onto the market all the time. Using our comparison tool, you'll be able to get a quick, easy overview of what all of the top networks are offering right now

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Deals for everyone

Whether you’re looking for the lowest price or the most features and perks, we can find a deal for you.

Use the handy sliders at the top of our comparison table to refine the results, filtering by price, or by minutes, texts or internet allowance, so that you only see the results you want to see.


Know exactly what you’re paying for

When you take out a pay monthly phone contract, you’ll typically pay a one off, up front fee for part of the phone, as well as the monthly fee for both the phone and the line rental, over a set period.

In the interest of transparency, and so that you can make an easy comparison between deals, we’ll show you what the total cost of your contract would be over the whole period, giving you one simple figure to compare.

We’ll also show you what the average monthly cost is (the actual monthly cost plus the up front free divided across all months of the contract) so that you don’t get caught out by a low monthly cost combining with a large up front fee, or vice versa.

Mobile Phone FAQs

My current contract doesn’t end for a while, can I still get a new one?

With new phones being released and new, cheaper deals coming onto the market all the time, it can be frustrating to see what you could be saving when you’ve still got several months left on your current contract.

You can normally exit the contract you’re on, but you will be asked to pay off the remainder in one go. That means that if you’re paying £40 a month, and you still have five months left, you’ll be asked to pay £200 (£40 X 5) up front to leave.

In some cases, however, you’ll only need to pay off what remains of the actual device plan. That means that if, of you £40 bill, £15 goes towards line rental/air time, and £25 goes towards paying off the device, then you’d only need to pay £25 X 5 (£125) to exit. This only applies on some specific contracts like O2’s Refresh deal.

Can I keep my old phone number if I get a new contract?

In short, yes. You’ll be given a new number when you take out the contract, but if you get in touch with your old network provider, they will give you instructions for how to port your old number over to your new SIM card. The specific process will vary slightly from network to network but typically this will involve getting hold of a PAC code from your old provider and passing it on to you new provider.

Will I have to pay anything up front for my pay monthly phone?

This depends on the deal in question. Often you’ll need to pay an up-front fee to secure your phone, in addition to the monthly cost of the contract. However, there are also plenty of deals available with no up-front costs whatsoever.

How long will I be tied into a contract for?

Nowadays, most contracts will last for 24 months, but if you search around, you’ll be able to find deals that only tie you in for 18 or 12 months.

Last reviewed: 1 February 2024

Next review: 1 March 2024