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About Endsleigh

Endsleigh was founded by the Nation Union of Students (NUS) in 1965 to provide affordable car insurance for drivers in full-time education. Today it is a leading insurer for young drivers, students and graduates. Young motorists typically face the highest premiums of any drivers. Endsleigh tries to minimise these costs and provide policies tailored to the needs of young and student drivers. Its student car insurance therefore sometimes come with 10% discounts on servicing and 20% on MOTs.

And Endsleigh isn’t just for students. It’s also used by many professionals, including older people, and is the preferred insurer for several unions and professional associations, including the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers, the Association of University Teachers and the Association of Optometrists. 

What types of cover does Endsleigh offer?

Endsleigh offers three levels of car insurance: comprehensive; third party, fire and theft (TPFT) and third party only. These tiers are available on a range of insurance products: 

  • Student driver insurance: policies for college and university students and recent graduates; students at some universities receive discounts on premiums. These policies also give you 10% off servicing and 20% off MOT costs. Comprehensive student driver policies come with courtesy car cover as standard, and all policies can be topped up with legal cover for £4.99.
  • Young driver insurance: policies for drivers under 25 who aren’t students. These policies come with 90 days of European cover and comprehensive policies with £100 of cover for personal possessions in the car and windscreen cover.
  • Car insurance: policies available to those who aren’t students, including older drivers. Comprehensive policies include courtesy car cover and 24-hour windscreen and glass cover.
  • Black box insurance: policies offered through ingenie which install a black box in your vehicle to record your driving behaviour. Your driving performance is assessed after three months and then two other times in a policy year and can give you discounts on your premiums of up to 21%.
  • Learner driver insurance: short-term insurance for provisional drivers between the ages of 17 and 34, using someone else’s vehicle to learn to drive. These policies are offered in partnership Marmalade. Learner drivers can start accumulating a no-claims bonus with these policies which can be transferred to their permanent policies when they pass their driving test.
  • Temporary student driver insurance: covers college and university students on a borrowed vehicle for a period of seven, 14, 21 or 28 days. These policies are ideal for students who want to drive their parent’s vehicle during holidays.

Why choose Endsleigh?

  • Discounts on servicing: including 10% off servicing and 20% off MOT fees.
  • Tailored for students: including coverage ideal for holidays between terms and discounts negotiated with certain universities
  • No-claims bonuses for learner drivers: allows learner drivers to start accumulating a no-claims bonus before they even earn their licence
  • No-claims bonus accelerator scheme: allows new drivers to reap the benefits of a no-claims bonus in just six months, rather than a year


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