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Volkswagen Polo

Compare insurance policies for your Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo emanates understated elegance from its mature styling and quality cabin, and drives like it comes from a much higher class.

It’s surprisingly spacious for a supermini car, and comes in a wide variety of engines with a plethora of safety features as standard.

The Volkswagen Polo is by no means cheap, however, its popularity ensures that it holds residual value whether you buy it outright or decide to lease.

Volkswagen Polo insurance group

All cars in the UK are assigned an ‘insurance group’ from 1 to 50, with 1 being the cheapest to insure, and 50 being the most expensive. The various models of the Volkswagen Polo fall between insurance groups 1 and 28, so there’s quite a bit of variance for how much the Polo costs to insure.

How much does it cost to insure a VW Polo?

As as the particular model you choose (and the insurance group it falls in), the price of your policy will vary based on your profile as a driver. Here are some examples of what you could pay to insure your Polo:

Driver type Potential annual insurance cost
Aged 18-25; 1 year NCB* From £512**
Aged 25+; 5+ year NCB* From £132**

*Both controlled for the following criteria: full UK license, employed, no convictions, no health issues, voluntary excess £250, mileage 10k.

**Please note that the estimated premium prices provided above are not guaranteed prices and are based on November 2020 data received from our insurance partner There are various other factors/risks that will impact the cost of your insurance policy including (but not limited to): engine size/type, Postcode and the type/level of cover you require. Your actual premium will be dependent on your individual circumstances.

Volkswagen Polo models

The Volkswagen Polo has come in a variety of different flavours over the years, but the models being sold brand new from the manufacturer at present are:

  • Polo Match (£17,125)
  • Polo United (£17,350)
  • Polo Beats (£17,855)
  • Polo SEL (£18,700)
  • Polo R-Line (£19,505)

Volkswagen Polo v Volkswagen Golf

With both being very popular cars it's natural to wonder how the Volkswagen Polo weighs up against its sportier sibling: the Volkswagen Golf.

  • Size - There isn’t a huge difference in size between the Volkswagen Polo and the Volkswagen Golf. The Golf is only 6mm taller, 4cm wider, and 20cm longer than the Polo on the outside. This extra size translates into a slightly more spacious interior in the back of the Golf, giving rear passengers slightly more legroom.
  • Engines - Both models come with a wide variety of engines, but the Golf’s 2.0 Litre TSI 310 BHP R is the most powerful. However, whether it’s worth the extra £12,000 you’d be paying for it is another question altogether…
  • Safety - Both the Polo and the Golf scored highly in NCAP safety tests, with the two cars scoring 96% and 94% respectively for adult safety, and 85% and 89% for child safety. Both cars also come with similar safety features, so they’re fairly even on this measure.
  • Value - Value is where things get even tighter between the two models. Both cars are popular, so there’s always an abundance of second-hand units up for grabs at a fair price. The Polo definitely beats the Golf for pure value overall, but top-end Golfs come with such cutting edge specs that it could be worth the extra cash for an enthusiast.

Can I get a Volkswagen Polo automatic?

You can get an automatic Volkswagen Polo, but there won’t be a whole load of choice. The  VW Polo GT TSI is the only model to come with an automatic transmission, whereas all other variants come with a manual gearbox.

How to get cheap Volkswagen Polo insurance

You can get cheap insurance for your Volkswagen Polo within minutes by using our car insurance comparison tool. Enter in the details of the kind of policy you’re after, and we’ll find you the best deals from all the top insurers.

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