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What if I buy a new car and I already have black box car insurance?

If you purchase a new car during the term of a black box insurance policy, your policy can be transferred to the new vehicle, as can other car insurance policies.

Your premiums may be adjusted to reflect the risk profile of the new vehicle, however. Often, if you’re buying a new, more expensive vehicle, you’ll see those premiums go up. You may also face an administration fee for the policy to be migrated.

With a black box policy, you'll also need to have a telematics device installed in your new car. Many insurers will have an engineer remove the device from your old car and transfer it to your new vehicle.

You might face a transfer or “change of vehicle” fee, often between £80 and £180. Sometimes the insurer will simply install a new telematics device in your vehicle and leave the old one, deactivated, in your old car.

If you decide to get a new insurance policy from a different provider for your new car, you can cancel your existing black box policy. You’ll generally be charged a cancellation fee - £50 is typical - but you should be refunded for any outstanding months of cover if you paid upfront for the year.

In most cases, the black box in your old car will simply be deactivated and remain in place. It’s perfectly legal and safe to sell or scrap your old car with an inactive telematics device installed.

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