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How is a black box installed?

Black box insurance policies require that a telematics device - the titular black box - is installed in your vehicle to record your driving. But how are they installed?

Typically, the black box will be installed by a professional sent by your car insurance company. The device is usually installed behind the dashboard of your car or on the battery. You won’t see it, and it won’t affect your driving or your vehicle’s performance. 

Insurers will usually require their mechanic fits the device for you, even if you’re a wizard with cars, to ensure it’s operating correctly. This will often come with an additional setup fee though. 

However, some insurers now offer self-fit black boxes for cars with suitable on-board diagnostic (OBD) ports. You can easily install these yourself by simply plugging them into that port. 

On-board diagnostic ports are usually located on the passenger side of the vehicle, in the glove compartment. To fit the device, park somewhere with good GPS coverage and make sure the car’s ignition is off. Plug the black box into the port and wait until it connects before you turn the ignition on.

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