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Are there any additional fees associated with black box car insurance?

Black boxes can save you money on your car insurance, but some policies come with additional fees. So, it’s important you read the terms and conditions of any policy to see what other costs you might be on the hook for:

  • Installation fees: Some black box insurance policies will charge you an upfront fee to have the telematics device installed in your car. Others roll that cost into your initial annual premium. Additionally, you may face a charge, typically between £40 and £50, if you miss the installation appointment.
  • Change of vehicle: If you buy a new car during your policy term, you’ll need to have the device removed and reinstalled in your new vehicle. Some insurers will charge you for the transfer. Fees typically between run between £80 and £180.
  • Removal fee: Often when your insurance policy comes to an end and you move to a different insurer, the black box will simply be deactivated and remain in the vehicle. If you want the device removed, you may face an additional charge, often between £50 and £100.
  • Repair or replacement: If you damage or tamper with the black box, you may be charged for it to be fixed or replaced. If the device simply stops working or is damaged in a traffic accident that isn’t your fault, your insurer will typically cover the repairs.
  • Policy renewal: A few insurers charge you an annual fee when you renew your telematics policy. This is often dubbed a “device management fee” or “data management fee”, and may cost you around £50-£60.
  • Unplugging your device yourself: If you unplug your telematics device yourself without cancelling your insurance policy, your insurer will find out. If you do this on purpose, they may charge you for not complying with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

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