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How can I get proof of a no claims bonus?

Switching to a new insurance provider for a better price doesn’t mean forfeiting your no claims bonus. Insurers let you transfer a no claims record you accrued with another provider as standard. 

However, they’ll need to see proof of your no claims streak, typically within seven days to three weeks of your policy beginning. Failing to produce this proof can mean your no claims discount isn’t applied or, in extreme cases, your policy is cancelled. So, how do you get this proof of your no claims bonus?

Some car insurance providers will ask your previous insurer for proof of your no claims record themselves. If they do so, they’ll notify you. 

In other cases, you need to produce the proof yourself. Fortunately, the documents you’ve already received from your old insurer should suffice.

That includes the renewal letter you received from your old insurer when the policy neared its expiry date. In addition to a quote for continuing coverage, the letter should state how many years of no claims discount you have. You didn’t take that provider up on their offer, but the renewal letter still works as proof of your claims record for your new insurer.

If you cancelled your previous policy, your cancellation documents should also specify how many years of no claims bonus you’ve accrued.

If you don’t have either of those documents, you can ask your old insurer to send you a letter confirming your no claims bonus and forward that to your new insurer. Your old insurer can’t refuse this request to produce proof of your no claims discount.

In some cases, you need to send the original document to your new insurer but in other cases, a photocopy will work. Look out for an email or letter confirming that your new insurer has received the proof and will apply your no claims discount.

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