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Can I use my no-claims bonus on multiple cars?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use your no claims bonus on multiple cars. This is because in the UK, car insurance is taken out for each specific vehicle, so your no claims bonus can only be applied to one vehicle at a time. However, you can always transfer for your bonus onto another vehicle, whether that’s a new car or simply another one you drive more often.

But what about multi car policies? In fact, your multi-car policy is actually individual policies for each of your vehicles, they’re just all provided by the same insurer and renewed at the same time.

Each vehicle is unique. This is why your no claims bonus wouldn’t automatically apply to other vehicles under the policy. Yet while this may seem frustrating, it also has its perks: it means that should you have to make an insurance claim on one of your vehicles, it won’t affect other vehicles on the policy.

That being said, as always there are occasional exceptions. Some car insurance providers do offer what’s called a mirrored no claims bonus. What this does is enable your bonus to be reflected onto another vehicle’s insurance. However, your second vehicle must be part of a multi-car policy with the same insurer and, critically, the policyholder must be the same.

Those insurers that do offer bonus mirroring tend to do so with fairly strict qualifying criteria based on your age and years of experience. Don’t just assume that you’ll have bonus mirroring if you have a multi-car policy, be sure to read the fine print of your documents.

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