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Is it worth buying a car in a lower insurance group to save money on car insurance?

Cars fall into insurance groups ranging from 1-50. The higher the group, the more expensive the car is to insure. So, if you want to save money on your car insurance, certainly looking at a less expensive vehicle to insure is a good place to start.

What group a car falls into is often determined by engine size and trim level, as well as the car’s safety and security, the value when new, and the cost of repair to any damaged parts. For this reason, similar models can fall into many groups depending on their specifications.

Vehicles in lower groups are less risky, and as such come with much lower insurance premiums. So, knowing what group your vehicle falls into is a great place to start for getting cheaper car insurance.  

But there are many other factors that make up our car insurance premiums; the price you pay isn’t based just on the vehicle alone. It’s based on your age, years of driving experience and whether you have any previous convictions. It’s based on your no claims bonus, the level of cover you want and where you live. Essentially, it’s based on multiple variables. A high-risk driver with a vehicle in group six could easily pay more in premiums than a low risk driver with a vehicle in group twelve. And often, it depends if you get a good deal.

You should also consider aspects like safety and security. A cheaper model in a lower group may easier to steal. And if that happens, you may need to make a claim on your car insurance, resulting in you being met with higher premiums in the future. However, looking at cars in lower insurance groups is certainly a good place to start to save money on your premium.

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