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Any Driver Car Insurance

Sick of being the designated driver? Have a business in which many employees drive company vehicles? Then an any driver car insurance policy may be the right for you. 

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What is any driver car insurance?

Any driver car insurance is type of policy in which anyone can drive the insured vehicle – with your permission.

For personal use, any driver car insurance can be useful for family members or groups of friends. Although anyone can drive the vehicle, typically those you trust enough with your vehicle will be people you know well.

Who is an any driver car insurance policy for?

Businesses stand the most to gain from an any driver car insurance policy. Company owners will know that car insurance for staff can be a logistical nightmare, particularly taking out individual policies for employees, some of whom may only drive intermittently. And if they’re only insured on certain vehicles, that can cause delays or disruptions to work.

For fleet vehicles and delivery drivers – or indeed any operations that require a number of employees drive company vehicles – an any driver car insurance policy is often more efficient, streamlined and economical, as cheap car insurance deals for business can be more accessible this way.

Is any driver car insurance expensive?

For personal use, any driver car insurance can be fairly expensive. This is because of the risk factor involved. When you take out an insurance policy, your premium is based on your risk which is carefully calculated and considers various factors such as your age, years of driving experience and whether you have any penalties. With an any driver policy, insurance brokers can’t tailor your quote to each potential driver, because technically any person could be driving – be they a 38-year-old with years of no claims or an 18-year-old. Consequently, premiums are costly to cover all risk groups.  

How else can I insure someone on my vehicle?

If you’re looking for a cheap car insurance policy to cover several drivers of a vehicle, then there are options available.

Should you want one – or a few people – to be insured, then consider adding them as named drivers on your policy. Generally, you can add up to five people who will be legally allowed to drive your vehicle.

However, there is a critical point to be made here: the policy holder is known as the main driver and as such must be the primary user of the vehicle. Any named drivers are additional, and are considered to occasionally use it. If you dishonestly add a named driver to your policy – i.e. someone who will in actuality be using the car more than you – this is called fronting, which is fraud and legally punishable. So, do carefully consider the needs of any drivers.

Another option is to take out temporary car insurance cover. A policy like this can be most economical when cover is only needed for a short period of time, for example a student returning from university for the holidays. With short-term policies, you’re not bound by a long-term contract and can take out cover for when you need with ease.  

If you think a named driver or short-term policy is for you, then compare car insurance quotes with us here at Money Expert and we’ll find you the best deals on the market.

Is any driver car insurance the same as a comprehensive policy?

Not quite. A common misconception is that comprehensive cover allows you to drive any person’s vehicle, so long as you have permission. In fact, this isn’t the case. Some insurance providers will allow you to, but many may not. Therefore, ensure you’re familiar with the fine print of your policy to check if you’re covered, or look out for comprehensive policies that cover you for driving other vehicles when you’re running your car insurance comparison.

And a word of warning: don’t assume you’re automatically covered fully comprehensively either – often you’ll just get third party cover when you’re driving someone else’s vehicle.  

Where can I compare car insurance policies?

So, you’ve done the hard bit and decided what type of car insurance you need. Now comes the easy bit! To choose a policy, simply compare car insurance deals with us here using our comparison tool. We’ll just need a bit of information about you and the vehicle, plus your preferences, and then our search engine will show you the best car insurance quotes tailored to you.  

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