How do I find out what previous loans I have had?

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How do I find out what previous loans I have had?

The best way to find out information on your recent payment history is to look at your credit report. It will have a detailed summary of any loans you may have taken out. However, credit reports only show payment information from the past six years, so if you’re looking for loans that you took out earlier than six years ago then they may be trickier to find.

How do I find out about loan agreements I made more than six years ago?

It can be tricky to find previous loans that you may have agreed to more than six years ago. The first thing to do is to go back through any financial paperwork you may have kept. You might find that you have kept paperwork relating to old loan agreements.

Old bank statements may also be a way for you to work out what your previous loans were. By examining your old statements, you may be able to work out money from a loan coming into your account, or a loan repayment leaving your account.

Finding old mortgage information

Mortgage information older than six years will also not appear on your credit report. If you cannot find paperwork for the mortgage either, then there is still a way you may be able to find out information.

You can search for the property on the Land Registry database for £3 using a title register search. If the property is on the database, then it should have all mortgage information for that property too.

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