The Exeter

Life insurance from one of the UK's largest friendly societies

The Exeter

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The Exeter is one of the UK’s largest friendly societies with over 90,000 members. Established in 1927 as the Exeter Family Friendly Society, they became The Exeter in 2015. Being a friendly society means that they are a mutual organisation with a common financial purpose. Every decision made by the board will be in the best interests of their customers, as there are no shareholders to appease.

The Exeter offers a range of products including income protection Insurance, private medical insurance, cash plans and life insurance.

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What types of life insurance do The Exeter offer?

As well as their income protection and health insurance, The Exeter offer two main types of life insurance cover;

Managed life

Specialist life cover for people who suffer from type 2 diabetes or who are overweight. If your health gets better, so do your premiums, but if your health gets worse your premiums are likely to get more expensive.

Choose between level or decreasing cover for any number of years between 5 and 50, with cover up to 90 years old. You will also have access to Health Wise, a free members app providing quick medical advice via your smartphone or tablet.

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Real life

Specialist life cover for people living with serious or multiple health conditions and offers a fair price for life cover for those who are seriously ill.

As with managed life, you can choose between level or decreasing cover for any number of years between 5 and 50, with cover up to 90 years old.

Why choose The Exeter?

  • You’re a member, not just a customer – because there are no shareholders, the board is directly accountable to The Exeter’s membership, so you can be sure they are working in your best interests
  • Paying claims is important – The Exeter’s policies are very clear, but if a claim falls into a grey area, they will still often pay out
  • Great customer service – The Exeter has an in-house customer service team, meaning that you are more likely to have your problems solved efficiently and with personal care and attention