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Established in 1810, SunLife were the first company to offer life insurance without a medical, which is something they still do today. Specialising in over-50s cover, they have paid out over £401 million in claims so far and with over 819,000 people covered by SunLife they are the biggest life insurance providers for over-50s in the UK.

What types of life insurance do SunLife offer?

SunLife specialise in over 50s life insurance plans; guaranteeing policyholders a cash payout when they die. The money is paid to loved ones and can be used to help with funeral costs and outstanding bills, or to be used as your family wishes.

You are guaranteed to be accepted for SunLife’s over 50s life insurance plan, regardless of your medical history. You can then choose a monthly payment that suits you. The cost of your cover will never go up, and you know exactly what the payout will be.

To apply for SunLife’s Guaranteed Over 50 Plan you simply need to be aged 50-85 and a permanent UK resident.

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Why choose SunLife?

SunLife’s Guaranteed Over 50 Plan is the most popular over 50s life insurance plan in the UK. Here are some of the reasons that so many people are choosing SunLife:

  • SunLife’s plans are more affordable than traditional life insurance, starting from just 86p a week. They also offer an extra £250 with the Funeral Benefit option
  • Unlike other provider’s, SunLife doesn't ask any medical or lifestyle questions when you get a quote
  • SunLife pays 100% of their claims, usually within 3 working days
  • On Feefo, SunLife is rated higher for their customer service than any other over 50s plan provider


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