National Friendly

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National Friendly

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Founded in 1868, National Friendly is a different type of financial services provider. As a friendly society, when you take out an insurance policy with them, you sign up as a member of National Friendly. They offer various life insurance services in order to provide financial security for its members and their families.

What types of life insurance do National Friendly offer?

Guaranteed life assurance

National Friendly offers a guaranteed over 50s Life Assurance plan. This is a whole of life policy, which pays out a cash lump sum when you die, as long as you live past the qualifying period (usually two years).

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Assisted living insurance

National Friendly offers a unique form of insurance aimed at older people – Assisted Living Insurance. If you pay monthly premiums now, you receive a payout when you cannot perform everyday tasks such as getting dressed or washing, helping you pay for care costs.

Immediate care plan/deferred care plan

The immediate or deferred care plans provided by National Friendly allow you to pay an upfront lump sum, which will then be used to contribute towards your, or a relative’s, care costs in the form of monthly payments for the rest of their lives.

As suggested in the name, with an immediate care plan these payments start straight away, whereas with a deferred care plan this will start after a stipulated amount of time.

Why choose National Friendly?

  • Guaranteed acceptance for people between the ages of 50 and 80, up to 75 for smokers
  • No medical examinations or questions
  • Specialist services for older people
  • Mutual benefit association, with no shareholders, where staff and customers are valued 

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