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About HSBC Life

With offices in over 80 countries in the world, HSBC is one of the leading global banking and financial services providers. HSBC Life is the life insurance arm of the company, and they offer a range of protection packages, from personal and family packages, to protections for the self-employed and company schemes.

What types of life insurance do HSBC Life offer?

HSBC Life offers four main types of life insurance packages for customers:

HSBC life protection

These policies provide financial support to your loved ones in the case of your death.  Available as either single or joint policies, HSBC’s life protection leaves a lump sum to your beneficiaries, which they could use to cover the cost of your mortgage, funeral, or loss of income.

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HSBC critical illness cover

This offers protection against any diagnoses of a serious illness. It comes in the form of  a lump sum payment, allowing you to cover the costs of any private medical care that you may require. The option to provide cover in case any of your children fall ill is also available.

HSBC critical illness plus

With Critical Illness Plus cover, you receive greater protection in case you fall ill, including larger lump sums, as well as mental health support and physiotherapy.

HSBC income cover

Similar to a family income benefit (FIB), income cover by HSBC provides you with monthly benefit payments to replace the loss of earnings you may encounter if you fall seriously ill, or to your beneficiaries in the event of your death. This can help keep your family’s quality of life afloat should the worst happen, as well as giving you peace of mind.

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Why choose HSBC Life?

  • With the many physical stores on high streets, you can speak to advisors in-person at your local branch, if personal service is important to you
  • If you so choose, you can combine HSBC Life Protection with Critical Illness, or Critical Illness Plus packages, allowing you great flexibility over your package
  • You can cover your whole family on the critical illness package, giving you peace of mind for your children’s health as well as your own