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Based in Bristol, Hive is an insurance provider with a range of options available including medical insurance, income protection and a range of life insurance cover. As well as personal cover, Hive also has a selection of business specific services.

What types of life insurance do Hive offer?

Life insurance

This policy will pay out an agreed lump sum when you die. You are able to adjust how long the policy covers you for and how much the final payout will be, which will determine your monthly premiums.

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Critical illness cover

Critical illness cover provides you with a cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with a serious illness that is stipulated in your plan. You can either purchase this policy as a standalone or as a bolt-on to an existing life insurance plan.

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Income protection

If, for whatever reason, your ability to work becomes compramised, income protection will pay a certain portion of your salary. Rather than paying out a lump sum, this policy will pay you a steady amount each month to make sure you're taken care of when you can’t work.

Why choose Hive?

  • Customer service - You will never be left waiting for someone to answer your call as Hive promises that every call is picked up within three rings.
  • Policy reviews - Hive offer regular reviews of your policy so you know whether something needs to be changed, ensuring you always have the appropriate level of protection.
  • Climate commitment - Hive are dedicated to working to combat climate change and for every policy they sell they donate £1 to the Avon Wildlife Trust.