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Aviva as it is today was formed in 2000 after a merger between Norwich Union and CGU plc, but can trace its roots nearly 350 years back. They are one of the leading insurance providers in the country and currently serve 15.5 million customers in the UK alone.

As well as their core services they are heavily involved in working alongside charities which include partnerships with the British Red Cross and Stonewall.

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What types of life insurance do Aviva offer?

Family protection

This will ensure that should something happen to you your family will receive a lump sum payment should you die within a certain period. These policies are fixed term with a maximum limit of 50 years (this will be dependent on personal factors).

Mortgage or decreasing insurance

Mortgage or decreasing protection will ensure that you are covered for the amount that you have left to pay on your home. As the mortgage gets lower, the premiums you pay and potential payout also decrease.

Critical illness cover

Critical illness cover ensures that if you fall ill to a serious illness that is included in your contract you will receive a cash lump sum. You can include this as a bolt-on or standalone policy.


A policy type for those over 50; this cover offers insurance regardless of lifestyle or medical history and is a great option for those approaching retirement or the elderly.

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Why choose Aviva?

  • Home purchase cover - If you take out a life insurance policy at the same time you are purchasing a property then you will get 90 days free
  • Simple and easy - Aviva makes it as easy as possible to get insured, with the majority of customers able to get covered online within 5 minutes
  • Customer service - 24/7 contact means that you can always reach someone if you need to