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Life Insurance for New Parents

Having a child is very a very exciting and life changing process, bringing with it all sorts of new challenges and responsibilities.

When your family starts to grow, it is more important than ever to make sure that you’ve got the right measures in place should the worst happen.

What extra expenses should I have in mind when taking out life insurance as a new parent?

A growing family unfortunately means a growing list of expenses. You’ll want to make sure that any life insurance policy you take out covers you for everything you need.

Childcare is the most obvious new expense to think about when you have a new child. This includes everything from food to education and other general utilities.

You’ll want to make sure, should the main breadwinner in the family unfortunately pass away, that the remaining members of your family have the means to supply the provisions your children need. You could also consider having your life insurance policy pay out into a trust fund for you children that they can access when they reach a certain age, easing the financial burden placed upon them throughout their life.

Mortgages are consistently one of the main expenses for every family and continuing repayment of the mortgage is one of the main reasons for taking out life insurance policies in the first place.

However, once you have a child, you might want to adjust your policy if the pay-out initially decided upon is only large enough to cover your repayments, potentially leaving you with a shortfall if your family needs to provide for another child as well.

The same goes for any other loan repayments or credit cards you have to pay off, either those already existing or those that you take out to help you keep up with the added expenses to do with the upbringing of your new child.

How much will I need my life insurance policy to pay out?

There are various things you’ll want to consider when working out the size of your life insurance policy as a new parent.

In general, you’ll want the value of your life insurance pay-out to be around 10 times the value of your annual income. This will of course this will depend on things like the size and age of your family, as well as whether or not you are the main earner in your household.

If you are not the main earner and say you spend most of your time at home looking after your children, then this should factor into the nature of your life insurance policy.

Your passing might, for example, mean that your household expenditure related to childcare could increase with the need to hire a child minder or to pay nursery fees.

Compare Life Insurance for New Parents

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Why do I need Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is designed to pay out a lump sum to your relatives or other beneficiaries in the unfortunate even of your death, offering peace of mind and financial security at the most difficult of times.

  • Mortgage Protection
    Peace of mind that if the worst happens to you, your family won’t lose their home.
  • Income Protection
    Maintain your family's standard of living by replacing any lost income.
  • Funeral Expenses
    Don’t let your loved ones shoulder the burden of funeral expenses & medical bills.
  • Your Children's Education
    It's never been more important to have money available for your children's future, even if you are not there to see it.

General Advice

Life insurance is an important product and when you're searching around for policies, it's important that you get it right.

Read through our comprehensive guides to find out all about what life insurance entails, as well as about the different types of policies and optional extras that are available.