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Do I have to tell my lie insurance provider if I become pregnant?

Impending parenthood is one of the main reasons people take out life insurance. A new life comes with many responsibilities, and a life insurance payout can help meet them should a parent sadly pass away. 

Many mothers take out new life insurance policies or increase the size of their current policy while pregnant. In these cases, it’s important to disclose the pregnancy and any pregnancy complications you’re experiencing as part of the application process so the insurer has an accurate idea of its risk in covering you. 

Pregnancy alone likely won’t result in higher insurance premiums. However, if you report certain common medical conditions during pregnancy - such as anaemia, high blood pressure, and gestational diabetes - the insurer may quote you higher premiums or place your application on hold until after you give birth. If you do take out cover while experiencing a pregnancy complication, you can have the premiums reviewed to take into account your health after giving birth - for instance, when your gestational diabetes is gone.

Withholding details about your pregnancy during the insurance application process could invalidate your policy and lead to claims being rejected. But what if you become pregnant after you’ve already got life insurance in place? Do you have to let your insurer know about your pregnancy?

If you already held life insurance when falling pregnant and aren’t increasing the sum insured, you typically don’t need to inform your insurer of the pregnancy. Similarly, you don’t have to inform your insurer of other health conditions you develop after taking out a policy.

Your insurer set your premiums at the time you took out the policy and has accounted for potential health risks and conditions you might develop as you age - including, for women, potential pregnancies.

However, policies can differ between insurers so you should consult the terms and conditions of your specific policy if you have any questions.

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