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Do I have to be married to my partner for them to be my beneficiary?

You can effectively name anyone you like to be a beneficiary of your life insurance policy – so no, you don’t have to be married to your partner.

While many people do commonly name their other half, you could choose your children, parents or indeed any relative, a friend, or even a charity.

Critically, naming a beneficiary is your decision and yours alone. And while you can choose anyone, you should always ensure that those named on your policy have your best interest at heart – in fact, many people decide not to notify the beneficiary while they’re still alive.  

If you have children with your partner, then the reasons why you’d like them to benefit from a lump sum may determine who you name beneficiary. If the sum assured is intended to help with mortgage payments, household expenditure or child tuition fees, then it’d be wise to name your partner. If, on the other hand, you’d simply like to leave a nest egg for your children, you could take out a policy written in trust.

You can also change the beneficiary of your policy throughout your term. Perhaps you’ve been previously married, and want to now name your current partner instead – that’s fine.

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