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Policy expert provides specialist home cover and has been rated Review Centre’s number one home insurance provider since 2013, with over 32,500 5-star ratings. They only launched in 2001, which shows how quickly they managed to find their feet and establish themself as a key player. They pride themself on have simple to understand policies that are free from industry jargon and this was recognised by a Crystal Mark from the Plain English Campaign. 

Policy Expert offer a diverse range of policies, focusing on customisability. This means that you can select the level of coverage that you need from your policy and then adapt this with a range of add-ons to ensure that it is tailored to your exact needs. 

What types of policy does Policy Expert offer? 

Policy Expert offers three levels of home insurance cover: Essentials, Premier and Midar. Each of these will have a different maximum amount you are covered for so it’s important to understand where your risk is and make sure you are covered appropriately. 

Within each tier, three types of policy are available: 

Contents insurance: This policy protects the belongings you own in your house should they become damaged or stolen. 

Building insurance: Building insurance make sure that you are covered in case of structural damage to your property

Combined building & contents cover: Like the name suggests this type of cover ensures that both you and your house are protected 


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They will fix your premium for two years so you won’t get any nasty surprises 

Policy Expert offers a wide range of policies, levels of cover and add ons to be tailored to your needs

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