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About Insure Your Motor

Insure Your Motor specialises in providing cover for drivers with ‘non-standard’ circumstances which make it difficult for them to get affordable insurance from other providers.

Insure Your Motor is a part of Hyperformance Ltd, which has been in the insurance game for over 15 years. Hyperformance has built up excellent relationships with a broad spectrum of insurance providers that allow Insure Your Motor to provide insurance cover at highly competitive rates.

What types of cover does Insure Your Motor offer?

Many insurance companies are reluctant to insure drivers with convictions, points on their licence, or with unfavourable claims histories, and thus charge lofty premiums for the privilege. Inexperienced drivers, or those with modified cars, also find it difficult to find insurance at a fair price.

Insure Your Motor have carved a niche for themselves by focusing on providing policies for drivers that have a hard time getting insured by other companies at an affordable price.

Just some of the people Insure Your Motor can offer competitive rates to include:

  • Drivers living in hard-to-cover postcodes
  • Drivers who have had insurance declined, cancelled, voided, or refused
  • Convicted drivers
  • Drivers with zero no claims bonus
  • Drivers with claims
  • Drivers with non-motoring convictions

Why choose Insure Your Motor?

Insure Your Motor would be a logical choice for those who find it hard to find cover with the bigger name providers (without it costing an arm and a leg). They are a versatile company that has established relationships with many major insurers – allowing them to offer some very competitive rates.

Insure Your Motor work closely with their customers to really understand their insurance needs – heavily investing in the training of their staff in their call centre (which is UK-based).

As a company that specialises in dealing with customers with ‘non-standard’ circumstances, they’ll always be a few steps ahead of many other insurers if your personal situation makes it hard for you to get covered.

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