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Who is Skoda?

Skoda has a history that dates back to 1895. Initially starting as a bicycle manufacturer, Skoda moved into car manufacturing in 1945. The company has kept going through two world wars as well as Soviet occupation.

Skoda managed to gain a reputation as an undesirable brand over the years, but in 1990, Skoda became part of the Volkswagen Group and started to shake off this image.

Since introducing the Octavia in 1997, the Czech company has won itself a reputation for practicality and reliability.

Popular Skoda Models

  • KodiaqThe Skoda Kodiaq is a spacious SUV with smooth handling that rivals the Hyundai Santa Fe and even Land Rover’s Discovery Sport. In 2018, the Kodiaq model won awards from Autoexpress and Parker’s, winning Large SUV of the Year, and Best Seven Seater respectively. The Kodiaq falls into insurance groups 12-23, and costs around £500 a year for the average person to insure.
  • CitigoSkoda first entered the city car market with their Citigo back in 2012. Initially using a petrol engine, 2020 models now carry an electric motor. The Citigo is almost identical to SEAT’s Mii electric, and Volkswagen e-up!, but has a more distinctive boxy look. The Citigo is a practical and economical car which is a great option for those looking for value for their money. Falling into insurance groups 1-4, the Citigo is relatively cheap to insure, costing the average person £450 annually.
  • Yeti: The Yeti is a great hatchback family car with a distinctive aesthetic that sets it apart from the rest. Since its release in 2009, the Yeti has been a roaring success for Skoda, having been noted for the model’s practicality and value. The Yeti holds its own against rivals such as the Kia Soul, Peugeot 2008 and Nissan Qashqai. The Yeti falls into insurance groups 9-24 and costs the average person £380 annually to insure.

How to Get Cheaper Skoda Insurance

Insurance on most Skoda models is notably cheaper when compared to other brands. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze out a few more pounds worth of savings when selecting an insurance policy for your Skoda.

Here are five quick tips for getting cheaper Skoda car insurance:

  1. Reduce your annual mileage - the less you drive your car, the less your insurer will see you as a risk. So if you can limit your mileage there’s a chance of reducing your premium considerably.
  2. Pay up front - even though it may be tempting to pay by direct debit each month, you’d be much better off paying a lump sum as insurers often give discounts for paying in one go.
  3. Increase your voluntary excess - if you increase the voluntary excess on your policy most insurers will reduce your annual premium. Beware though, don’t increase it to a point where it becomes unaffordable to claim.
  4. Forgo optional extras - your insurer may try to upsell you windscreen cover and motor legal protection. As handy as these can be, they aren’t necessary and will drive up the cost of your insurance.
  5. Don’t modify your car - modifications of any sort to your car (performance, or cosmetic) will most likely lead to you paying more for your insurance.

Compare Skoda Insurance

The best way to save money on your Skoda car insurance is to compare policies from different insurers to make sure you’re paying the smallest amount for the cover that you require.

Trying to compare car insurance quotes manually is a time-consuming headache, which is why we’ve developed a handy price-comparison tool so that you can get hundreds of quotes within minutes.

Just fill out our online form, and sit back and relax as we search through the quotes from the top insurers to find the cheapest options available. Then all you have to do is select the one you feel best fits your requirements.

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