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What is Peugeot?

Established in 1810, Peugeot is a car manufacturer that initially made coffee mills, bicycles, and even umbrella frames.

The company built its first car, a steam-powered tricycle, in 1889. Over a century later, Peugeot is a global brand renowned for its reliable and affordable cars.

Peugeot specialises in ‘city cars’, which are light, nimble, and can fit into tight parking spaces. Their now discontinued 107 model was very popular amongst new drivers, and their 207 and 208 models have garnered a similar level of popularity.

However, Peugeot doesn’t just make city cars. The company won European Car of the Year 2017 with their 3008 SUV model.

Popular Peugeot Models

  • 106: The 106 is an extremely popular model amongst young and inexperienced drivers. It’s the perfect first car, being small in size and having a relatively small engine too. The 106 usually falls into the number 7 insurance group, but the 1.6-litre GTi model can go up to group 25. The 106 costs around £1200 on average for a 17-30 year old to insure for the year.
  • 107The Peugeot 107 was launched in 2005 as the replacement to the 106. Like its predecessor, the 107 is a perfect first car, with a small engine size of around 1.0-litre, and falling into the cheaper 3-5 insurance groups. The average annual premium for the 107 is around £900 for those aged 17-30.
  • 206The Peugeot 206 was a very successful model for Peugeot, eventually selling 8 million units and becoming their best-selling car ever. The 206 falls in insurance groups 7-28 and costs someone aged 46-65 around £600 a year to insure.
  • 508Peugeot entered the large-family-car market with the 508 back in 2010. There is some great technology in even the most basic models in the range. This includes driver, passenger, side and curtain airbags, as well as remote central locking and cruise control. A 508 will cost someone aged 46-65 around £450 to insure annually, falling into the 19-37 insurance groups.

How to Get Cheaper Peugeot Insurance

There’s plenty you can do to get cheaper car  insurance for your Peugeot. One way you can lower your insurance premiums is by opting for a telematics (or ‘black box’) insurance policy.

Black box insurance policies are perfect for drivers who are confident in their driving technique, yet find themselves being charged more for their annual car insurance as they lack experience or belong to a ‘higher risk’ group.

With this kind of policy, your insurer will fit your car with a small device that monitors the way you drive. It will keep track of your mileage, speed, steering, and braking, and will also make a note of what time of day you drive your car and the areas you drive in.

Having a telematics policy will ensure that you are charged a fair price for your annual premium as you are assessed on your individual driving ability, and not on the average data for the group you belong to.

Of course, if you’re a terrible driver this kind of policy may not do you any favours, but if you know that you’re a much better driver than your peers, then a black box policy could definitely be an option for getting your hands on some cheap Peugeot insurance.

Compare Peugeot Insurance

Regardless of what kind of insurance policy you will opt for, you’ll want to be sure that you’re getting the best deal for your money. With so many different insurance companies out there these days, and with so many insurance products which may or may not suit your needs, it can be hard knowing where to start.

That’s where a car insurance comparison site like Money Expert comes in. All you need to do is fill out our online form with your personal details and the details of your Peugeot vehicle, and we’ll do all the hard work of finding all the different insurance policies on offer that suit your requirements.

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