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Compare insurance policies for your Mini

What is Mini?

Mini is a distinctive automotive make, initially manufactured by the British Motoring Corporation and acquired and reinvigorated by BMW in 2000. The original Mini was a budget vehicle, albeit with a sheen of glamour from its appearance in the 1969 classic film The Italian Job

Todays Minis are more luxurious, with rich interiors and nearly endless customisation options. They also have buckets of style. They're uniquely British and slightly retro, whether you get one in the iconic red or another hue. But the Mini is more than a twee throwback: theyre also loaded with energetic engines, agile steering, and excellent in-cabin noise-dampening, so you can cruise in luxury even if you're just running to the supermarket, not fleeing a gold heist with Michael Caine.

Popular Mini Models

  • Mini Cooper S: Dating back to Minis early days and revived by BMW for the 21st century, this high-performance hatchback is built for both style and speed. So dont let the retro looks fool you: this supermini has sharp steering, LED headlights and a worthy infotainment system. Trims usually land between insurance groups 28 or 29, making it relatively expensive to insure for a small car. Average premiums for drivers over the age of 30 are around £650 a year.
  • Mini Hatchback: The entry-level Mini is a sprightly little car, better looking than others in its class, and now available in a roomier five-door version and a green, fully-electric model. The Mini Hatchback zips into insurance groups 11 and 37, depending on the trim, with premiums running around £550-£600 for drivers over age 30.
  • Mini Clubman: a stretched hatchback with convenient barnrear doors, the Clubman is one of the larger Mini models, clocking in at about the size of a Volkswagen Golf. But its heaps better looking and customisable than other family cars on the market. Insurance groups range from 12 to 40 and drivers over age 30 will pay around £450 a year for coverage. And if you need even more space, look to the Countryman SUV.

How to Get Cheaper Mini Car Insurance

Minis are relatively expensive to insure compared to other cars in their weight class, on account of their sumptuous interiors and dynamic engines. But you can keep your Mini car insurance premiums to a minimum by taking the following steps:

  • Get a black box: Telematics insurance policies fit your vehicle with a black box that records your driving behaviour: how quickly you accelerate, how tightly you take turns, what time of the day and night youre driving. If youre found to a be a safe, daytime driver, your insurer will reduce your premiums.
  • Increase your excess: All insurance policies will have a compulsory excess - the amount you have to contribute to any insurance claim. If you can afford more, you can increase your voluntary excess and see your premiums fall.
  • Reduce your mileage: Rabbit-like and dapper, Mini Coopers are fun to drive. But the more you keep yours in the garage, the lower your insurance premiums will be.
  • Enhance your security: Most Minis come with industry-approved alarm systems, and the Mini Cooper and Mini One both have immobilisers. But if you dial up your security, by adding trackers for example, your insurer might reward you with lower premiums. And the most sensible security measures dont require tech additions. You can see your premiums fall if you begin storing your Mini in a garage or well-lit, locked yard rather than in your driveway or on the street.

Compare Mini Insurance

To find cheap Mini insurance, we suggest you shop around. Money Expert makes it simple to compare car insurance quotes from across the market. To get started, we just need the following information:

  • Details about your Mini, including its make, model, year, if you own it or lease it and any modifications youve made to it.
  • Details about how you use for your Mini, including your estimated annual mileage and where you park it during the day and night.
  • Details about you, including your age, address and occupation, all of which can impact your insurance premiums.
  • Insurance preferences: Concerned about your windscreen breaking? Youll want windscreen cover. Prone to losing your keys? Key cover. Worried about getting to work if your Mini is in the shop? Courtesy cars. Let us know what you value in an insurance policy and well find the ones that fit. 


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