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Cosmetic car insurance

This refers to car insurance policies that cover you against the cost of superficial damage to your vehicle. These policies allow you to claim for the cost of repairing damage such as scratches or dents - without having to jeopardise your no claims discount on your main policy. Many normal policies also have very large excesses, which means that you could end up having to pay a large amount for the cost of repairs to your paint or bodywork.

Cosmetic insurance normally comes in the form of additional cover or a separate policy altogether. It is intended to protect the policy holder against the possibility of their car being damaged in aesthetic ways. This includes, but is not limited to, scrapes and marks on the paintwork or dents to the bodywork. These types of damage can often be very minor to look at and yet very expensive to rectify.

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Why get a cosmetic insurance policy?

There are few reasons that people choose to take out cosmetic insurance policies. One of these reasons is that when your car suffers a minor scratch, it is often not a significant enough amount of damage to risk losing your no claims bonus for. If you were to claim on your main policy, you could lose your no claims bonus. Having a no claims bonus is one of the most effective ways of reducing the price of future insurance quotes.

Many people do not think that it is worth losing their no claims bonus for the sake of a small amount of damage. However there are still many people who want to protect themselves against incidents like this. The best way to do this is by taking out a cosmetic insurance policy. These policies will cover the cost of any forms of superficial damage without damaging your no claims bonus.

Another benefit of having a cosmetic insurance policy is that it can cover the difference between the voluntary and mandatory excess on your main policy. Having a cosmetic insurance policy will allow you to avoid paying large amounts on your current policy. Even though superficial damage can often be rather small and insignificant to look at, it can often be very expensive to repair. If you have a large excess on your insurance policy, you will end up paying for most of the damage yourself. This can often be a nasty shock when you go to claim - not only do you lose your no claims bonus but you also have to pay.

How to save on insurance premiums

If you want to spend less money on your insurance, then it is important that you are aware of which deals there are on the market. If you don't know which insurance policies are out there, you may end up paying more than you need to on your plan. Comparing insurance policies is the best way to find out what deal is right for you, and which one can save you money. Here on our website we offer a handy car insurance comparison tool that allows you to see which plans are out there at the moment. Simply tell us which type of plan you would like and what car it is that you are insuring and in second we'll show you all of the best deals that fit your criteria.

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